There’s some fast and furious platforming action on the way as we get the chance to jump into the shoes of Fenix – a really sweet creature of speed and blocky cuteness.

Originally running with the title, Fenix Rage, Fenix Furia will drop in on Xbox One and PS4 this winter. Green Lava Studios and Reverb Triple XP have announced the game will also come with new game modes and a two player mode, including a much requested split-screen.

With game levels that have been re-tuned since the original PC game, an Easy mode has also been introduced to enable all those newbies to have at least a little bit of success. . It is the Two Player Mode which sounds the best addition however with a frenzied split-screen race challenge to finish each level as quickly as possible between Fenix and the new Undead Fenix. It’s sure to be a little nuts!

“It’s very exciting that the journey to bring our game to consoles will be finally happening soon,” said Eduardo Ramirez, lead developer and Co-founder of Green Lava Studios. “While we’ve had to overcome a couple of obstacles, we want to thank all gamers for their patience. We’ve added some great new modes and definitely incorporated player feedback on level difficulty to make Fenix Furia a fantastic platform game.”

We’ll be sure to remind you when Fenix Furia goes live.

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