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Players have been scoring worldies, winning trophies and building their dream teams in FIFA 21 for a couple of months, but now it’s time for a next-gen upgrade. So, let’s head out onto the pitch and see what fresh features are available on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

EA Sports are looking to take the realism to the next level in a number of ways for this improved FIFA 21 upgrade. One such example involves greater physique definition, with muscles flexing after striking the ball, strand-based hair behaves authentically according to the player movement for some of the games biggest stars, and more realistic faces and kits. The fresh new pre-game cinematics will create an unprecedented matchday experience to immerse you in the sights and sounds of top tier football. Prepare to witness team buses arrive at the ground prior to kick-off, experience the buzz as fans enter through the turnstiles, and watch players pass through the media zone on their way out to the pitch.

An expanded player interaction system enhances the Real Player Motion Technology during tussles for the ball. There’s more physicality in the battle for possession with players jostling, pushing, and pulling with extra responsiveness for both open play and set-piece situations. The new gameplay technology elevates the visual quality and responsiveness of linked animations while on the ball, ensuring players now take more human-like contextual touches. Inspired by the look and feel of top-level football broadcasts, a new camera option should give you a fresh perspective on every match. You’ll be able to see more of the pitch to help you plan your build-up play or block passing lanes.

For those on PS5, they’ll get an even deeper experience thanks to the DualSense controller  and its haptic feedback, brought into play for the likes of last-ditch goal-preventing blocks to screamers that go in off the post. You can sense the impact of shots, passes, and tackles with the immersive controller haptics that respond to what happens on the pitch.

Everything provided in terms of game modes found in the Xbox One and PS4 versions of FIFA 21 will remain, although progression only transfers between generations for FIFA Ultimate Team and Volta modes. With that in mind, you can upgrade your current copy of FIFA 21 from today via the Xbox Store or PS Store. As long as you own the full game already, or purchase before FIFA 22, then it won’t cost you anything extra to experience the next gen of football!

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