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FIFA 23: 2022 World Cup content draws to a close


The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been an awe-inspiring event. Over the past four weeks, the 32 best footballing nations in the world have been whittled down to just two. Lionel Messi’s – making his fifth and final appearance on football’s grandest stage – Argentina and Kylian Mbappe’s France battled it out for the honour of being crowned world champions. Oddschecker, which compares football odds and offers, made the Albiceleste second favourites for the trophy prior to the tournament getting underway. And despite an early scare, they have lived up to their billing. Primarily thanks to their Paris Saint-Germain magician. 

The World Cup final is always an incredible occasion, but it is also bittersweet. On the one hand, its the greatest spectacle in all of sport, but on the other, it’s the end of football’s biggest party for another four years. The same can be said for FIFA 23’s world cup related content. 

EA Sports released their DLC for the World Cup back on November 10th. It feels like an eternity ago, and plenty has happened since. We have had six glorious weeks of the World Cup featuring prominently in Ultimate Team, but that has now come to an end. 


There have been a plethora of exciting objectives in the FUT game mode. Firstly, gamers had the chance to rack up world cup swap tokens in online friendlies. Winning a match in the aforementioned friendlies game mode with six world cup cards from any one qualified nation will equate to one swap card. There have been well over 50 tokens available up until this point. If you managed to rack up a total of 40 tokens, you will have bagged yourself a special 91-rated Patrick Vieira icon card. 

The card is a certified beast, of that there is no doubt. The former Arsenal man boasts incredible stats: 83 pace, 80 shooting, 82 passing, 85 dribbling, 90 defending, and 91 physicality. How did you get on? Did you manage to bring Vieira to your club? 

If you couldn’t  manage the 40 mark, then we’re sure you’re not disappointed as there were a number of other cards and packs available to you throughout the duration of Ultimate Team’s “World Cup Season.” 25 tokens earned you a special World Cup hero card, while 15 tokens were enough to earn you a special version of Bayern Munich winger Kingsley Coman. There were plenty of other players from lesser-known nations, with an 85-rated version of Wales’ Kieffer Moore immediately springing to mind.

There will also be no further World Cup-related squad-building challenges. There have been tonnes of them over the last few weeks, allowing you to earn some incredible rewards, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. 

Path to Glory cards

One of the best aspects of the World Cup content available on Ultimate Team has been the path to glory cards. These cards improve depending on how your player progresses through the tournament, and with France’s ascension to the final, there is now an incredible version of Antoine Griezmann available. 

With the Atletico Madrid star reaching the final, his Path to Glory card is now rated an incredible 89 overall and boasts 87 pace, 89 shooting, 89 passing, and 92 dribbling. He is sure to cause opposition defenders absolute nightmares in Rivals and in FUT Champions. 

But France’s most impressive PTG card goes to RB Leipzig’s Christopher Nkunku. He is now rated 92 overall and 94 pace as well as 94 dribbling. His market price stands currently at an eye-watering 3.05m coins. Were you lucky enough to bag him? 

Argentina’s designated path to glory player is also impressive. Sevilla’s Alejandro Gomez is now rated 90 overall, and has 92 pace and 92 dribbling.  The highest-rated path to glory card however is Manchester City’s, Bernardo Silva. Thanks to his Portugal side reaching the quarter-finals, his card is now rated 92 overall. You have to wonder how much better he would have been, had he and his Portuguese teammates not been stunned by Morocco in the last eight.