Enjoyed what Firefighters – The Simulation brought your way back at the start of 2017? Well now it’s time to up your firefighting game as Firefighters: Airport Fire Department has arrived on Xbox One.

Available now for £23.99, Firefighters: Airport Fire Department takes everything you first learnt in The Simulation and drops a load more scenarios your way. As a key member of an airport fire department, it will be up to you and your team to tackle and extinguish a number of massive aircraft fires.

You’ll get to drive all manner of fire-fighting vehicles, with realistic models of each promised. More than 20km² of the very best airports will play host to your fire tackling missions and so should you wish to be a firefighter, but don’t particularly like getting down and dirty with the whole business, then Firefighters: Airport Fire Department should be your best bet.

Get over to the Xbox Games Store right now. Don’t forget to check out our full review of Firefighters – The Simulation before you go splashing the cash though. Let’s just hope the airport variety fares a little better.

Game Description:

Fire can be a friend, but also a merciless foe. Nowhere else is the danger greater than at a modern airport with thousands of travellers and highly flammable kerosene. Move out with your team and experience tense missions. As a member of the airport fire department, you and your team extinguish massive aircraft fires and beat a path through the flickering flames. Drive all kinds of fire-fighting vehicles and put out conflagrations with the mounted fire monitors. Combat local fires with extinguishers and everything you can find in your equipment. Vanquish the indomitable flames! Your team is counting on you. Don’t let them down! FEATURES • Realistic models of fire-fighting vehicles • Over 20 km² of airport grounds for a wide range of missions • Detailed vitality system for information about your own fitness

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stylon (Steve)
stylon (Steve)
4 years ago

Did this really do well enough to warrant another release? It was complete and utter garbage. Must be one of those ‘so bad it’s good’ things…