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Fight with hovercrafts as Crash Force is confirmed for Xbox One and PC


There’s a new multiplayer arena shooter coming to Xbox One and PC but this one is a little different to the norm – as the fight takes place between powerful hovercrafts!

Crash Force will arrive on Xbox One and PC in April 2017, but should you be a Steam player, then you can take advantage of a bit of Early Access love from 20th Jan 2017 – yep, that’s tomorrow.

In it, players will get to choose between several different hovercraft models, each of which comes with their own exclusive abilities, from three separate factions: the powerful and quick Aquilas, the masters of subterfuge, Cicumas, and the cunning survivors known as Clavae. The full release will see no less than nine hovercrafts in place, however those hitting the Early Access scheme will currently only find four.

Each will be distinguished by class categories and all are fully customizable through a skill tree that unlocks attack, defense and utility buffs. For every 30 levels gained, an aviation point is acquired and this unlocks a master attribute, adding nodes to one of the skill tree’s three branches and a unique ability.

That’s all well and good, but when does it get exciting? Well, when in battle no less. You see, each hovercraft will use different power-ups and abilities to dominate the playing field. Hovercrafts will consume energy through normal movement, turbo boosts and using special abilities, but can refuel by passing over energy pads scattered across the map.

There will be four different game types available in Crash Force – three team games: Team Showdown, Capture the Flag and Control the Nest battle arenas that can be played in 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and 6v6 mayhem and one solo game: One Man Wolfpack that can be played from 6 to 12 players.

“Crash Force’s competitive core encourages players to not only prove themselves as the deadliest shot in fast-paced online multiplayer arenas, but also as the best tactician by creating different hovercraft builds as they unlock special abilities” said George Tziazas, co-founder, Ascanio Entertainment. “Players will immerse themselves in expansive customization options, tailoring their design and abilities to perfectly suit their play style.”

If your tempted by the Steam Early Access model, then make sure you check out it soon. Otherwise, we’ll be sure to let you know once the Xbox One version gets a confirmed release date.

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