If you’re one of the many who have found themselves enjoying the competitive side of For Honor in recent months, then Ubisoft’s announcement of Season 4 should be something that’s sure to excite.

Season 4 of For Honor on Xbox One, PS4 and PC brings with it two new game modes, two new maps and two new heroes for players to get stuck into – with Tribute and Dominion Ranked making up the game modes, Market Town and The Gauntlet entering the fold as the new maps, and Aramusha and Shaman bringing their expertise to the battlefield as the new characters.

The newly introduced Tribute game mode introduces players to an all new way to play the game, one in which teamwork and communication are much more important than ever before. In this new objective based mode, players fight for control over three Offerings scattered throughout the map and aim to bring them to the Shrines of their respective teams to secure victory. Upon presenting an Offering, each of the Shrines will grant the presenting team with a unique buff, forcing players to think strategically and make a choice as to where they will place the Offering.

The other mode being introduced is a Ranked version of the popular Dominion mode which will come later on in Season 4, allowing players to team up with friends and compete online for glory and unique in-game rewards.

Whilst there isn’t much to tell about the new maps at present, it’s fair to say players can expect more well-crafted affairs that will look to engage the strengths of strategic players whilst playing preying on the weaknesses of those not yet up to scratch, much like many other of the readily available maps.

As for the two new dangerous warriors coming into battle, Aramusha will be arriving as the next member of the Samurai Hybrid faction, whilst Shaman will be the next addition to the Viking Assassins, making that a full roster of six unique heroes for each faction within the game.

The Aramusha come complete with dual wielding katanas, as well as blades for both offence and defence, whilst their careful battlefield traversal means they are capable of dodging and attacking when needed quickly and efficiently. Those who make mistakes in battle will find the Aramusha quickly capitalising with a flurry of quick attacks that’s sure to put an end to any fight.

The Shaman on the other hand come equipped with a hatchet and a dagger, both of which can be used together with quick and deadly precision. Shamans are fiercely aggressive warriors who are a force to be reckoned with when on the offence. Shamans are incredibly powerful once an opponent starts to bleed out on the battlefield.

To go along with the new content, For Honor will be celebrating with a free play weekend that will give those taking part full access to the game’s content for the duration of the weekend, including all five multiplayer modes, the campaign that can be played solo or co-operatively online as well as the entire roster of characters. The free play weekend will begin on November 9th.

So, good news? Will you be jumping into any of the new content in For Honor? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.


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