Launching just over a year ago as DLC for Final Fantasy XV, today the Comrade Multiplayer Expansion receives a standalone release for more multiplayer-focused gamers to get a real taste of Final Fantasy XV.

Best of all – for existing players at least – all save data transfers over to the new release!

Comrades takes place in the 10-year gap that features towards the end of the main Final Fantasy XV campaign, when the world of Eos gets plunged into darkness. You play as a member of the Kingsglaive and must defeat the many daemons that now roam freely, and slowly but surely restore power to the world.

Players will spend their time in a central hub area where they can upgrade and customise their avatar, choosing which missions to undertake. Many missions feature cameos from Final Fantasy XV characters from across all the various mediums that this juggernaut penetrates.

In our initial review of the Comrades DLC on Xbox One, we stated it was a bare bones experience with super long loading times. Since then, the game has had numerous patches and updates to make it an all rounded experience, one that is now deemed worthy or a standalone release.

Priced at £7.99 for new players, or free for those that purchased it before as DLC for the main Final Fantasy XV, Comrades is multiplayer in the Final Fantasy XV world and one of the last opportunities to experience something new in this world. The final DLC is due to arrive in 2019 to bring the story to a rounded conclusion.

Did you pick this up originally, or will this be your first taste of Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in the comments below!

Game description:

Create your own original avatar and fight for the Light as you discover the untold tale of Eos’s decade of darkness. Join up to three friends or go it alone in a slew of new quests full of challenge and excitement—and be sure to keep an eye out for some familiar faces, including the prince and his royal retinue. Enjoy the wide and wondrous world of FINAL FANTASY XV like never before in MULTIPLAYER:

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