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Find out what is haunting the Children of Silentown


Parents have a nasty habit of scaring kids into doing/not doing things with lies, rather than just being truthful. “Best behaviour otherwise Santa won’t deliver any presents” or “The ice cream van only plays music when it has run out of ice cream”. Lies, lies, lies! But what if their more sinister tales of the monster that lurks in the forest turned out to actually be true. Find out in Children of Silentown, out now on Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

In Children of Silentown, you play as Lucy. All her life she has been told not to go into the forest, and that there are far more safe places to play. Except for Lucy, there isn’t. Not even her dreams are a safe haven. And she is now at an age where she wants answers. At least, she thinks she is old enough.

Children of Silentown from publisher Daedalic Entertainment, along with developers Elf Games and Luna2 Studio, is a spooky point and click adventure game. You can explore the town of Silentown, meet its varied and unusual residents and take part in several minigames whilst out and about.

Check out the trailer below to see how this hand-drawn adventure comes together:

Children of Silentown is on the Xbox Store today, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Check out our review using the link above and let us know in the comments if you will be “point and clicking” on the buy button for this one.

You’ll also find Children of Silentown on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (Epic, Steam, GOG).

Game description

“Accompany Lucy and her friends in this grim, beautifully hand-drawn adventure game. Lucy is afraid of the forest, just like any other child: every night, the echoing roars rob her of her sleep. Not even her dreams are a safe place where she could play. People disappearing is nothing uncommon in the village, but this time, Lucy is old enough to investigate on her own. Or so she thinks. Children of Silentown is a point & click adventure game telling a mysterious and endearing story. Explore the town and its dangerous surroundings, meet its quirky inhabitants, solve puzzles and master minigames. Accompany Lucy on her adventure to get to the bottom of what is haunting the strange Silentown… if you dare.”

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