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Is it A-Day yet? Square Enix have been found releasing the first gameplay footage for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers as we get to take in the opening level which features Earth’s mightiest heroes in an epic battle on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia come 15th May 2020, Marvel’s Avengers is the story-driven third person action adventure which will follow the life and times of the Avengers. Running with a cinematic single player campaign, you’ll get the chance to reassemble and rebuild the Avengers roster, before going on to battle solo or online with friends, partaking in missions around the globe.

Today, Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix have released the first official gameplay video for Marvel’s Avengers. Watch below as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor battle Taskmaster and his army of mercenaries in the opening level – a Hero tutorial where players learn the unique powers of the Avengers.

If this gameplay footage begins to float your Marvel Avengers boat and you can’t wait to get customising Earth’s mightiest heroes in the hope you can defend the world for years to come, then a hands-on A-Day demo is playable for the very first time at Gamescom. If you’re not at the show though, then well, this trailer will just have to suffice. Settle down and kick back, for the Avengers are here!

Sold? As always, let us know your thoughts surrounding Marvel’s Avengers. The comments section is down below and you’ll also be able to find us on all the usual social channels. Chances are we’ll be talking Avengers on the next episode of TheXboxHub Official Podcast too. If you haven’t yet had a listen to the first episode, you really should.

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