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There may be many fishing titles out there on the market, but very few deal with the commercial side of fish catching. But one that does is that of Fishing: North Atlantic. After recently arriving to allow virtual anglers the chance to prove themselves on the rough seas of the North Atlantic, a new drop of DLC has now also arrived, one that sees the game offer up a tasty drop of scallops. 

Available to purchase and download right now, adding into Fishing: North Atlantic as you go, is the new Fishing: North Atlantic Scallops DLC pack – clever name, eh!?

Priced up at £9.99, this will give anyone who already has access to the North Atlantic base game the chance to expand their horizons as they head to Nova Scotia; home of one of the largest, most intense, scallop fishing industries the world has ever seen. 

It’s here where you’ll be found utilising cranes, dredge nets, drums and more as you go about a bit of scallop gathering. You’ll need to pinpoint the exact location of the very best scallop breeding ground, and then head on out to earn your fortune. Cleaning them up and powering back to base should well see you net a tidy sum, before rinsing and repeating all over again. 

Fishing: North Atlantic itself is a pretty decent looking game, and the fishing opportunities found within can well be fun, but as our full review of the game on Xbox points out, the grind is most definitely real here. Perhaps though the addition of the Scallops DLC will be able to provide new and exciting fishing options for those who see themselves as a bit of a commercial fisher. 

Get yourself over to the Xbox Store and net yourself a download of the Scallops DLC on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S right now. 

DLC Description:

Expand your gaming experience with the new official Scallop DLC for Fishing: North Atlantic! Nova Scotia is not only known for its rich fish stocks such as bluefin tuna, lobster and swordfish, but it is also home to one of the largest scallop fishing industries in the world. Search for the best breeding ground, with brand new mini games. Use cranes to prepare, haul and empty dredge nets, control drums to lower and raise the dredge nets onboard your ship. Sort and keep a steady hand while cleaning the scallops before you store them fresh at the hatch of your boat. Head back to port to earn your bucks!

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