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The madcap indie team at Turbo Pelvis 3000 are happy to specialise in arcade roguelites which don’t take themselves too seriously, and with Fission Superstar X on Xbox One and PC, it looks like they are pushing that wackiness front and centre!

Available right now on Xbox One and PC, the space-themed rogue-lite that is Fission Superstar X takes place in a wacky version of the solar system, dropping us in to Dr. Leopold’s bomber before sending us off on a tour of the solar system to partake in a randomly generated bomb run.

As you may expect, ‘bombs’ and ‘randomly generated’ don’t always go hand in hand and in Fission Superstar X you’ll be found dying, a lot. But with each death, Turbo Pelvis 3000 are hoping you’ll start to learn exactly what is needed in order to allow that eventual victory to be just that little bit sweeter.

Running through things in an attempt to achieve the demented dreams of an insane scientist, Fission Superstar X can be found featuring nine unlockable ships, over 100 different crew members – ranging from humans to space bears, obviously – 64 different weapons of both the mundane and insane variety, over 20 different environments, and 70 odd different enemy types including scavengers, fascist space cats, and giant insects. It’ll be up to you to fight your way through more than 20 different environments, facing off against giant bosses on your journey through the solar system.

Doing so will see you needing to utilise both ranged and up-close weaponry; dodging and blocking attacks with your shield as you go. You’ll also need to manage your ship to assemble the perfect crew, installing the most destructive weapons and being prepared to make some difficult decisions along the way. See, do you repair that all-important damaged component, or should you spend time healing a wounded member of the crew? Do you dock at a station and spend time dodging an angry Planetoid or skip that stop for an easier run through a more colourful space aurora? In Fission Superstar X on Xbox One and PC it’s up to you to decide the best course of action!

To get involved in those decision making moments you’ll want to head on over to the Xbox Store and nab Fission Superstar X on Xbox One for £12.49. Alternatively, you’ll also be able to pick it up on PC.

We’ll have a full review for you in the days ahead too. Make sure you keep an eye out for our thoughts on this utterly crazy, totally weird space rogue-lite.

Game Description:

While working on his latest nuclear bomb, Dr. Leopold had a revelation. He wasn’t creating a weapon of mass destruction; he was creating a nuclear superstar! Was it the radiation sickness or was Leopold always insane like this? Who knows and who cares? Now you must do his bidding and tour the solar system with Celine, his dear bomb. Who would not be thrilled to host the concert of a nuclear bomb under the control of a clearly insane scientist? Everybody it seems, that’s why they are all trying to destroy Leopold’s creation.

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