Telltale Games have dabbled in many different franchises from the world of comics, television and gaming. It seems as though there domination in the episodic story driven adventure genre is only going to continue going from strength to strength. Now, we all know who the stars of these series are, the leading men and ladies so to speak, but what about the supporting cast? I decided to give some appreciation to the characters that left long-lasting impressions on my Telltale experiences.

Here are five of the best Telltale support characters…

Special mention – Reggie (The Walking Dead)


Ah Reggie. You fleeted into our lives for just a single episode of The Walking Dead Season Two, but you will be missed. Voiced by the incredibly funny Kumail Nanjiani, Reggie provided some much needed light relief to an otherwise gloomy world of walkers. I felt sorry for the poor guy, having already lost an arm before being thrown off a roof for failing to get the best out of a couple of kids. I’ll never forget his complete awkwardness around people and bad timing when injecting humour into a situation. He made me laugh though, if that’s any consolation.

Hugo Vasquez (Tales from the Borderlands)

As much as I grew to admire the courage of Rhys, sticking it to the Hyperion corporation, none of it would’ve occurred if it wasn’t for Hugo; a real arrogant jackass who was Rhys’ boss and full time thorn in his side. Despite it being all too easy to hate the guy, it was more of a love to hate kind of feeling. He was portrayed brilliantly in both the voice acting and the script as an egotistical, slimy, greedy and power-hungry jerk. Having the larger than life Patrick Warburton lending his voiceover talents was a huge reason behind the memorable character.

In the weird and wonderful world of Borderlands, he stood out with a terrific personality.

Georgie Porgie (The Wolf Among Us)


There are plenty of obscenities you could throw out to describe Georgie Porgie, most of which he will have probably used during his foul-mouthed dialogues. I think the main draw for me with the pimp of Fabletown is the northern England accent he appears to have. I proper enjoyed the many rants directed at anyone who dared mess with him at the Puddin’ and Pie strip club, even if he was a scumbag of the highest order.

Ivor (Minecraft: Story Mode)


I have a whole load of sympathy for Ivor, who was initially seen as a generally terrible human for unleashing a Wither Storm. It turns out, he’s not all that evil, he just wanted to expose his former colleagues as frauds, but took it to the extreme in order to do so, thus making a really bad judgement call. There’s no doubt he toed the line between good and bad, however, the devious side of him became rather funny when he was supposed to be a reformed character.

It didn’t take long for Ivor to settle in as a valued member of Jesse’s crew.

Oswald Cobblepot (Batman)


DC villains have been recreated and reinvented in so many forms of media, but rarely have I seen such a transformation work so well. Returning to Gotham City, with an incredibly British accent, I wasn’t sure about the look, or the roguish persona, of Penguin. The writing quality produced by Telltale gave his character a truly detestable nature as the story developed over time. He pushed all mine and Bruce’s buttons perfectly, to the point where giving him an epic beating using Batman was far too satisfying.

Clementine (The Walking Dead)


You may be wondering why the star of The Walking Dead Season Two is part of a supporting cast list. And that’s simply because young Clementine wasn’t the main protagonist in the first season, but merely a little girl in a darn scary world, surrounded by strangers and the undead.  She showed amazing courage and determination way beyond her years whilst coming to terms with the death of her parents. When every other survivor was apprehensive, Clem held her own – with a little help from Lee of course.

I for one cannot wait for her return in the third season, stronger and smarter than ever before. Walkers and people beware… don’t mess with Clementine!

Well, they are my choices for ‘five of the best Telltale support characters’, but what about yours? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section, or send us your thoughts via the usual social media channels.

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