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Game Pass unfortunately takes away just as often as it adds. Today is one such day, as no less than six games leave the service. We hope that you have played them as much as you planned. 

The games are Enter The Gungeon (Console, PC), Final Fantasy X/X-1 HD Remaster (Console), Steep (Console), Remnant from the Ashes (Cloud, Console, PC), (The Catch: Carp & Coarse (Console, PC) and The Wild At Heart (Console, PC). 

Enter the Gungeon is so old that our review doesn’t even have the customary score. But way back in 2017, we said “if you can tame it, you’ll have one of the best rides of your Gungeoneering life”. That sounds like a 4.5/5 to us. It is indeed a rather special twin-stick shooter married to a roguelike, and you should attempt to find it in a sale if you haven’t picked it up already.

Final Fantasy X/X-1 HD Remaster is another big miss. This combo pack of JRPGs brought Tidus and a spot of blitzball to the Final Fantasy JRPGs, and while it’s rarely listed as the best in the series, it still has a tidy number of fans.

If we were to highlight another game to stick on your Wishlist and wait for a future sale, it’s The Wild At Heart (although our resident angler Paul Renshaw would probably make a case for The Catch: Carp & Coarse). This is the Xbox’s own version of Pikmin, and it’s every bit as good as that Nintendo franchise. We gave it a 4/5, saying “it plays like Pikmin but corrects a lot of its faults, giving you more of a leash to explore and puzzle by yourself. When the world is as beautiful and rewarding as it is here, you will feel that tug to keep going, chucking Spritelings at treasure chests and giant wasps with abandon”. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

We’re as in the dark about the rest of May as you are. Microsoft haven’t made their customary half-month announcements about what you will get to play for the next two weeks. All we have is a spot of guesswork, and a few games that we know are coming based on previous Xbox statements. Floppy Knights (Console, PC) and Hardspace Shipbreaker (PC) are coming on May 24th, Sniper Elite 5 (Console, PC) should be with us on May 26th, and Pac-Man Museum+ (Console, PC) has every chance of arriving on May 27th. But expect more announcements in the coming days.

Have you got halfway through Final Fantasy X, only to find the plug pulled on your game of Blitzball?  Let us know in the comments or on our social channels.

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