Zen Studios have just released a third instalment of their popular Pinball FX series and there’s a massive amount of tables to buy to show off your pinball skills on. Are you ready to flip, nudge and rack up those ridiculous high scores in Pinball FX3?

The pinball experience is changing with Pinball FX3, as no longer is it completely solo-focused due to the option to join tournaments, compete in multiplayer matches and rise to the top of a league system. A vast majority of the previous game’s tables are back and have had a graphical upgrade, as well as being geared up for the new Challenge modes. 1 Ball Challenge, 5 Minute Challenge and Survival Challenge will all help to develop your skills on the journey to becoming a pinball wizard.

Although the game is free on the Xbox Games Store, it only comes with the Sorcerer’s Lair to start with and you’ll need to build up a collection of tables via purchasing table packs or importing those you own already. There really is a lot of tables ready for your perusal, but the only brand new one is the Universal Classics Pinball content. It features tables based on some terrific films of yesteryear; the deep sea horrors of Jaws, the heart warming tale of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and the time travelling antics of Back to the Future. All three come together for the price of £8.39.

Here’s the full list of table packs currently available for Pinball FX3 –

Will you be grabbing Pinball FX3 on Xbox One, PS4 or PC? Let us know what you think of the new tables and those that have returned via the comments, on social media, or in the forums!

Game Description:

Pinball FX3 is the BIGGEST, most COMMUNITY focused pinball game ever created. Multiplayer matchups, user generated tournaments and league play create endless opportunity for pinball competition. Not so hot with the flippers? Pinball FX3 features new single player modes that will help you become a better player! All tables have received graphics updates including real-time lighting and shadow projection. All tables feature challenging new game modes, table upgrades and power-ups, unlockable bonus items and more! Zen Studios will continue to support Pinball FX3 with frequent content releases and new features! Pinball FX3 is home to the most exciting pinball library, with tables based on the biggest brands in entertainment including Star Wars™, Marvel, Aliens™, Bethesda®, Family Guy, TellTale’s The Walking Dead, Portal® and more!

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4 years ago

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