One year ago we saw the delightful looking Floor Kids bust a move and breakdance its way to Nintendo Switch. That was swiftly followed by a PC release earlier in 2018, allowing an altogether larger number of gamers the opportunity to take in the freestyle gameplay. Now though it’s time for the Floor Kids to step up a gear and move into the big time – pulling off the biggest moves on Xbox One and PS4.

Available right now on those two formats, Floor Kids is the go-to game if you are looking to show off your breakdancing moves, as you and your crew of bboys and bgirls, bust a variety of moves and combos in an attempt to wow the crowds and nail the crown of breakdancing champ.

Priced at £16.74, Floor Kids comes with a rather stunning looking hand drawn visual style, dragging you in to the scene and ensuring that once the beat starts pounding, you’ll never be able to let go. Drop in an original soundtrack by the world famous scratch DJ Kid Koala, plenty of rhythmic challenges, and the chance to partake in some multiplayer mashups, and you’ll quickly realise why Floor Kids has been pushed to another platform.

With innovative controls in place to allow you to express your individuality and freedom, Floor Kids really does seem to be the perfect game for those looking to make a name for themselves about town.

Want to know more about Floor Kids? Keep a beady one out for our review – it’ll be with you very shortly.

Features include:

  • Unlock 8 unique characters each with 16 moves and over 100 transitions between them.
  • Find your style with innovative freestyle controls that perform toprock, downrock, power, freeze, and combo moves.
  • Win over the crowds with a scoring system that rewards musicality, originality, feel, and style
  • Dance in many different locations, either in solo freestyle mode or two-player local party mode
  • Stylized hand-drawn animations by JonJon
  • Original music and sound design by Kid Koala

The question is, do you have the skills, the crew and the style to make an impression on the breakdancing scene? If you think you do then you should be heading over to the Xbox or PlayStation Stores immediately.

Game Description:

Floor Kids is a one-of-a-kind breakdancing game featuring a unique trick-style rhythm gameplay. Innovative controls allow you the freedom to play the way you like with a dynamic scoring system that rewards your moves based on musicality, originality, and style. Build up your crew of bboys and bgirls, unlock new venues as you traverse the city, busting hundreds of different moves and countless combinations on your journey from the corner to the club.

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