A.O.T. Wings of Freedom hasn’t been out awfully long, but there are already a fairly decent amount of story additions making themselves available for download. Fancy getting involved?

Available to download right now on Xbox One, the Episode All Set DLC pack brings together three new individual Episode packs, which in turn drop three Episodes into your game…yes, that means you get access to nine new survey missions. Priced at £5.59 for the entire bundle, or £2.39 for each of Episode 1, Episode 2 or Episode 3, if you are in need of some new A.O.T. survey mission based fun, then you could do worse than pick it up.

Details below but if you are interested, make your way to the Xbox One Games Store now. Make sure you check out our full review too!

DLC Description:

Episode All Set – £5.59

This set contains Episode 1-3. Nine new episodes will be added to your Survey Mission.

Episode 1 – £2.39

Three new episodes “A Soldier’s Duty”, “An Upright Person” and “Earning the Wings” will be added to your Survey Mission.

Episode 2 – £2.39

Three new episodes “Iron Wall”, “A Town of Memories” and “The Nameless Ones” will be added to your Survey Mission.

Episode 3 – £2.39

Three new episodes “A Brilliant Scheme”, “Elite” and “Struggle to Survive” will be added to your Survey Mission.

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