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Fancy taking in an adventure that will have you navigating through icy caverns and over snow covered cliffs? Following in the Path of Giants may just be for you. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, after previously doing the business on Nintendo Switch, Steam and mobile, Path of Giants from the husband and wife Journey Bound Games team will require you to use teamwork, brains and a whole load of puzzle solving. 

Priced at £7.49 from the Xbox Store, Path of Giants is a puzzler in which you take charge of three adventurers – Bern, Matchi and Totch. It’s your job to help them on their hunt for long lost treasure; it’s just this stuff is hidden away in the most difficult of places. 

It plays out across 80 puzzling stages, all of which have been created by hand, crafted into beautiful sprawling affairs in which you’ll need to unlock doors in order to progress to the next. With teamwork at the heart of Path of Giants, and a ton of problem solving right behind it, we feel there’s certainly a place for this little adventure on the Xbox Store. And the art style certainly helps hammer that home. 

We’ll be sure to deliver our verdict on Path of Giants on Xbox in the coming days, detailing whether this is one to follow. For now though, get to the Xbox Store and grab your download. 

Game Description:

Path of Giants is a serene adventure puzzle game. Put on your thinking cap, sit back and relax! Guide three explorers; Bern, Matchi and Totch on their quest for a lost treasure through icy caverns and snow covered cliffs. Swap between the explorers as you use their teamwork to help solve the puzzles. Experience a calming atmospheric game with over 80 puzzles split into beautifully handcrafted levels. Control three adorable characters, use their teamwork, leave no one behind, and hopefully find some gold!

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