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Are you ready to follow the Protocol program? You’ll have no choice if you wish to succeed in the latest first person action adventure to hit Xbox and PlayStation. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, after previously releasing on PC (Steam) and VR, Protocol from Fair Games comes to console to deliver an adventure that is full of black humour and aliens, as you try to follow a secret government program – the Protocol. And if you don’t? Well, you’ll be instantly eliminated. 

Priced at £16.99, Protocol arrives on console after being picked up by those at Samustai to deliver a 9-12 hour experience in which you’ll constantly be watching your back. You’ll be tasked with actioning specific orders, completing exacting objectives and following the protocol as if your life depends on it. Because honestly, your life does depend on it. 

Features include:

  • Protocol is a sci-fi comedy with a hint of horror, action and a twisted love story – Uncover an intriguing plot filled with conspiracies, plot twists, countless expletives, dark humour, and some light-hearted mockery.
  • Have a Nice Day! – This is a phrase you will love AND hate because you have violated the Protocol AGAIN. If you think that hardcore is when you can defeat the biggest bosses, then try not to die when taking a snowball.
  • Genre ambiguity – We still can’t decide which genre suits this game. Adventure? Puzzle? Shooter? Immersive sim (seriously?)? Walking simulator? Crazy trip? Or, maybe… All in one?

Promising to deliver a humorous affair in which you work your way through the Complex, this tense adventure could well cover what is required of a decent little adventure. For full info and the finer details though, we highly advise you check out our full review of Protocol on Xbox

If you’re sold on the subject matter, the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store will sort you out with a download. 


Game Description:

You were chosen to carry out the Protocol program. Your objective is to make “first contact” with an alien life form. Any violation of the Protocol will lead to the elimination of you and the entire operation. Remember, the fate of the humanity may depend on your actions. Once signed, the Protocol must be promptly implemented. Have a nice day! Plot The action of Protocol, most likely, takes place in the near future. You are a flippant soldier who signs up for the Protocol program implementation. Packed in a landing box and dropped off somewhere in the Arctic Circle, not far from the Terminus research complex, your main objective is to follow a mysterious AI’s orders, who uses you to make “first contact” within the Protocol program framework. Any deviation from AI’s orders is considered to be a violation of Protocol; leading to the elimination of the complex and staff.

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