It may have originally seen war rage between a bold knight, a brutal viking and a mysterious samurai, but the world of For Honor has expanded massively since first being released by Ubisoft back at the beginning of 2017. And for all the changes that have occurred, there has quite possibly been non bigger than the arrival of the Marching Fire expansion.

The Art of Battle may be the innovative control system that holds For Honor together, but even that is being overshadowed by the launch of Marching Fire and the Wu Lin Faction. See, it is this which brings access to no less than 4 new Heroes – the Tiandi, the Shaolin, the Jiang Jun and the Nuxia.

Drop in the fact that a new Arcade mode is also in place alongside an endless PVE experience, and whether you find yourself falling into battle alone, or with a friend wishing to experience the co-op, then For Honor has never been better.

Depending on whether you have previously purchase the base game of For Honor, are playing it via Game Pass for free, or just wish to get involved for the very first time, the options are available. This means that whilst the Marching Fire Expansion can be grabbed as a standalone content pack for £24.99, there is also a full bundle bringing together the base game with the expansion. This will set you back £39.99 – and that ain’t a bad price for what For Honor delivers.

If you decide to give it a go then the Marching Fire addition will see the For Honor roster boosted to 16 Heroes across 4 factions, allowing more variety in the way you fight than ever before – and that is a very good thing indeed!

Expansion Description:

The Wu Lin Faction is coming! Expand your world with instant access to 4 new Heroes- the Tiandi, the Shaolin, the Jiang Jun and the Nuxia. Also upgrade your Hero by fighting in the new Arcade Mode, an endless PVE experience playable solo or co-op with a friend. Pre-Order now for the Wu Lin Elite Pack. Includes 1 Elite Outfit for all Wu Lin Heroes instantly, valued at 28,000 Steel.  Get Instant Access to the 4th Faction – The Wu Lin, including 4 new Heroes from the Far East Conquer Ashfeld as The Tiandi, wield the mighty guandao as the Jiant Gun, master the hook swords of the Nuxia, and outplay rivals as the nimble Shaolin. The New Arcade Mode brings an endless solo or co-op battle experience. Progression carries over to Multiplayer.For Marching Fire, all players will receive significant graphical enhancements and the new PVP Breach Mode.

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