blacksmith of the sand kingdom

Would you believe it? It’s a new year and KEMCO are already on the scene to deliver a fantasy RPG to the masses. So, prepare to thrust yourself into a new journey as Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom arrives on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC

After the use of a two-souled heroine in Ruinverse failed to really grip our veteran reviewer, KEMCO are ready to go again with Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom. Following in the footsteps of his now deceased father, the main protagonist Volker wants to carry on the legacy and become the court blacksmith. Not content with doing only that however, he also has a keen sense of adventure and dreams of exploring ‘the Sand Kingdom’, Muspelheim. While this particular adventure will entail encounters with creatures such as giant hornets, it’ll see Volker embroiled in a bigger conflict going on in the desert-like nation too.

During the journey ahead, expect to be delving into dungeons for some turn-based action as well as acquiring materials by smashing up rocks and looting defeated monsters. Then you’ll possess what’s necessary to craft high quality equipment, which can be used, put on display, or sold in your shop for a swift profit. With 14 classes, a faith selection system, and passive skills in place, there’s sure to be a style of play that suits. To aid in the escapades though, you could find a few party members at the Guild, before fulfilling requests in order to progress through the story and earn rewards. 

Should you wish to begin forging your destiny in the Series X|S optimised Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, the Xbox Store has it listed for £16.74. If you’re unsure about a purchase, feel free to bide your time and have a read of our full review first!

Game Description:

Muspelheim, a nation of desert and wilderness, also named as “the Sand Kingdom.” Volker, a blacksmith’s son, always dreamed of becoming an adventurer, but he finds himself adventuring aiming to become a court blacksmith at the same time! Adventure into dungeons, get materials by gathering and looting monsters, then craft high quality equipment. Whether you equip them or display and sell them in your shop is up to you. Find other party members at the Guild and fulfill requests to progress through the story and earn rewards. There are 14 classes, faith selection, and passive skills that grant you free character customization! The adventurer blacksmith begins his journey!

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