It started development way back in 2013, but today indie devs MixedBag have announced that forma.8 has got a fully confirmed release date – and you won’t need to wait very long at all.

Arriving on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, PC and Wii U come 23rd Feb 2017, forma.8 sees you play as a small exploration probe – forma.8, strangely – stranded on an alien planet. After becoming separated from your companions, you embark upon a life or death mission, trying to find and recover a powerful energy source…before it is too late. The thing is, not everything is as it first seems.


Metroidvania style mechanics push forma.8 along, bringing all the gameplay hooks you would expect of the classic formula. You’ll have a huge world to explore, a pretty unique control system and the chance to collect multiple power ups. Alongside that, forma.8 brings you many puzzles, tons of enemies and the usual huge bosses which we have come to know and love.

It also runs at a smooth 60fps, combining hand drawn vector visuals, 3D characters and a high resolution to allow forma.8 to come to life.

Features include:

  • Explore a huge, open world full of secrets
  • Solve ancient mysteries
  • Gain new power-ups to progress in your adventure
  • Fight deadly enemies and face powerful bosses
  • Delve into a deep and cryptic lore

We’ll remind you when forma.8 arrives, but should you like the sound of it, then you’ll need to scrap together £11.99 in order to get your download in. Alternatively, and this only applies should you be playing on PS4 or Vita, but a collector’s physical limited edition will be available at later date from Limited Run Games (

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