Indie developer Clapfoot have today announced that their strategy and base defence, third person shooter, Fortified will soon be arriving on Xbox One and PC.

With a release date of Feb 3rd 2016 firmly set in stone, Xbox One owners can now also pre-order and pre-download the game prior to its launch. There’s a bit of a cash saving in place too as the usual £11.99 price tag is currently discounted for all Xbox Live Gold members down to £10.19.

Inspired by the 1950s and sci-fi films in particular, Fortified will bring an action packed defense game that is complimented by adding third person shooter mechanics and real time strategic elements. Taking control of one of four character classes, you’ll get the chance to fight swarms of enemies with a whole array of Cold War weapons and experimental alien technology. It’ll be up to you to protect your city from forces of evil as you set up defensive structures and command army units – either alone or in the four player co-op mode.

“We’ve always been interested in the strategy elements of tower defense games, but we felt the genre had become repetitive and it seemed gamers did too,” said Mark Ng, co-founder of Clapfoot. “By adding co-op and third-person shooter mechanics into Fortified, we are making a fresh approach to the genre and giving players a more robust playing experience that will change what they think about tower defense games.”

We’ll remind you when the time comes to get in on the Fortified action but for now, seriously consider that pre-order!

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