Fortnite may only have been around for two seasons of your favorite show, five new Marvel movies, or less than your brother’s goldfish that you forgot to feed, but that hasn’t stopped developer Epic Games from bringing up a brand new version of the game to be known as Fortnite: Chapter Two! 

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 Fortnite chapter 2 is a complete remake of the game, including maps, guns, strategies and much more. This new map got a complete makeover, it is a lot bigger and holds many more diverse locations. A very cool new addition to the game is that of swimming. You can now go underwater, giving your character a very intriguing added player mechanic. While swimming, you can hold ‘x’ and you rise in and out of the surface of the river/ lake (kind of like a dolphin), and when you submerge each time, you gain a burst of speed. Fortnite is also introducing boats into the game, making it easy and accessible for you and your team to get across a lake quickly and safely. While they are removing some of the land vehicles we all grew to enjoy, these boats will be usable on the sea, as well as land. It isn’t the most realistic addition, but it sure will be cool! You can also now go ‘fishing’ in the game. By that i mean you can look for ripples in the water, cast your line out, and maybe, just maybe, you will get an upgraded weapon. 

   Fortnite is also introducing a plethora of new ‘skins’ into the game, each one with alternative colors and designs in which you can unlock throughout the game. 

  Another great addition is that of stealth. This means that players under duress can run into things like dumpsters, haystacks and giant bushes, which then let you ambush other players as they run past you. 

  A new accolade system Fortnite is introducing is called the medal system. As you take out your opponents or get more kills with a certain weapon, your total will now be added to your medal punchcard. This system keeps track of your in-game achievements, rewarding ‘XP’ for the players, which increases as you continue to accomplish these achievements. However, there is a cap, you can only earn 8 medals per day, but it does give players a chance to be rewarded depending on their place style. 

  The game also did a complete remake of their weapon system, allowing you to upgrade certain weapons. They are changing how weapons are graded, making it so that an ‘epic’ weapon doesn’t feel increasing more difficult to play again that a ‘common’ one. It makes the grading system feel less crowded. You can also collect materials, go to an upgrade bench and upgrade any weapon of your choosing. This gives players a much more customizable and preferred way to make their builds. 

So before the next upcoming Fortnite: Chapter 2 tournament, be sure to look at the latest changes to the meta to ensure that you’re up to date on which pros to look out for!