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Is the Forza 5 Race Game Of The Year Edition a worthwhile purchase or a strange unneeded money maker?

You may look at the Forza 5 GOTY Edition and think that it’s a lot of money for very little extra content…..and you might well be right.

The GOTY Edition has just been announced by Turn 10 Studios and brings the standard game, plus the addition of the Top Gear Car Pack and three downloadable tracks all for £50.

Now, seeing as Forza 5 is the best part of seven months old and can be picked up in numerous places for £30 or less, then the £50 on offer for the GOTY Edition is all wrong. The Top Gear Car Pack is a decent inclusion providing some gorgeous cars that are super quick round a race track, and if there was one pack to give away for free, this would be the prefered choice, but that still doesn’t make up for the £20 price difference….more so if you take into account the current Xbox One Deals With Gold promotion sees Forza 5 at a very reasonable £26.


You may think the tracks are worth the extra cash, but unless Turn 10 and Microsoft are planning to charge for the as yet unnamed third track (which is a bit of a crazy idea really), then the value of these extra circuits on the marketplace is currently around the ‘zero’ price. There’s no debating that both Long Beach and Road America brought an extra buzz to the game (as well as extra cheevos!) and we’d think that the third circuit would do the same, but they certainly aren’t game changers that can only be picked up in the new edition…..they’re free to download anyway!

The Forza 5 GOTY Edition looks to be a strange overpriced money maker. Most people in their right mind who don’t currently own the game should jump on Forza and get it downloaded right now or visit one of the many pre-owned/online stores selling it at a reduced rate. A extra car pack or two would have possibly moved the Forza 5 Race Game of the Year Edition into purchase territory, but without that it’s something you’re going to have to think very long and very hard over.

Surely virgin racers aren’t going to be suckered into purchasing the new collection?

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