Did you think the Forza series was getting stale and familiar? Think again because today the Hot Wheels expansion has arrived for Forza Horizon 3 – and it looks like it could be a huge amount of fun.

Available to download right now, the Hot Wheels expansion comes as a free download to those who have the Expansion pass purchased. Should you not, then you’re looking at a $19.99 price tag, but when something comes along that threatens to rip up the rule book and bring so much fun then surely that is a price worth paying?

The Hot Wheels expansion sees the action take place across six new themed islands, all of which are interconnected by those iconic orange Hot Wheels tracks that we just know and love. It’ll bring the most extreme stunt driving as we make the most of high banks, half-pipes, massive jumps and giant mechanical dinosaurs. A brand new campaign is in place and not only will that play host to much of the action, but it also brings new achievements and gamerscore for an even bigger reason to play.

For the expansion to really come to life though, a number of new cars have also been added, with some Hot Wheels icons, the Twin Mill, Mustang, Rip Rod and Boneshaker all taking centre stage.


If you don’t already own Forza Horizon 3 (and why not?), but are tempted by the Hot Wheels add-on, then you can purchase both the base game and the new expansion for £66.49 – just get over to the Xbox Games Store and get your purchase in. Bear in mind that this is an Xbox Play Anywhere title and so you can play on both Win10 PC and Xbox One for double the fun too.

The ultimate playground is here!

DLC Description:

The Horizon Festival and Hot Wheels have teamed up to create the ultimate playground for cars! Located off the coast of Australia, this chain of islands is here to make your Hot Wheels fantasies come to life with loops, corkscrews, boost pads, high bank turns, half-pipes, insane jumps – and even mechanical dinosaurs! Create custom Hot Wheels Bucket List events by swapping out stunt track sections and dare your friends to try them. Race ten new cars including Hot Wheels icons like the Twin Mill and Boneshaker. Discover a new hidden barn find car, earn new Xbox Live achievements, and more.


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