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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 17 – Autumn


It’s Autumn in Mexico, which means stormy season and it’s Series 17 of the Festival Playlist too, and that means new challenges are in place. Luckily, the Japanese cars that we are tasked with playing about in this week look like they will be able to cope with a little bit of precipitation, so we are sure to have a good time.

But just to help matters, we’ll give you the full rundown of the events on offer in Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 17 Autumn, as well as the best cars and tunes you’ll need in order to complete what is in place. 

Part 1: #Forzathon Weekly Challenge – Runabout Racer

The subject of the weekly challenge is a little Toyota, the aptly named MR2. Aptly named because the M stands for mid-engined, the first Japanese mainstream car to feature this layout, the R standing for rear wheel drive, making it fun in the corners, and the 2 being the displacement of the engine in litres. So, MR2, see? Although not in France, as a literal translation ends up being rather rude!

If you don’t own the 1989 MR2 SC, it will set you back 20,000 credits at the Autoshow.

Chapter 1 – Mister Two

Get in the new MR2, and take it for a spin. Step one complete!

Chapter 2 – Positivity Charged

The SC in the name stands for supercharged, and so to prove this we need to earn six stars at speed traps in the vehicle. I tuned mine up just a tad to give it a better chance, and the share code is: 316114584.

I may have gotten a little carried away, but this thing is a little rocket ship.

Pick your favourite speed trap and let her rip. 

forza horizon 5 series 17 autumn MR2

Chapter 3 – Heads Up

This little car, rather famously, has pop up headlights, and in order to show them off, we have to win a Street Race in it. Again, with the tune above, no problem, so just pick your favourite street race and blow the opposition into the weeds.

Chapter 4 – Totally Awesome

In order to show that the MR2 deserves its place in the Toyota Triplets category (alongside the Celica and the Supra) we have to merely bank 100,000 skill score. Not even all in one go, either!

With that, the weekly challenge is complete, and you will be five points closer to the cars for this week.

Part 2: Challenges

Ah, the meat of the week, for me. The Trial, some PR Stunts to try, some racing, and a steaming dollop of Eventlab. And there are two of them again this week… aren’t we lucky?

So, without further ado, let’s see what we can expect.

The Trial – Super Scramble

Ah, The Trial. Last week hit a particular low in the quality of randoms off of the internet, and even our normally mild-mannered illustrious editor was heard muttering about some of the drivers who were supposedly on our team. 

So, here’s my top tip for not making your teammates sad – we aren’t playing dodgems! Putting me into a wall so you can take first place hurts the team, as by the time I’m moving again, we have lost. Let’s all be nice, yeah?

So, this week we are restricted to Japanese vehicles, to a maximum of C Class 600, and the race is off road. I went with a Honda Civic Type R from 2007, mainly because the stock trim is at the right level!

Our prize for winning is a Honda Civic. Totally worth it.

EventLab – Joh Cee Presents Zhen Inaka

A Japanese car, a restriction of B Class 700, and a stupid track to race round. What could be better?

As a solo racer, there is no competition on this, so again, I pulled the old stock Subaru Impreza STi from 2008 out of the bag.

A Super Wheelspin is your prize for completing this ordeal.

Eventlab – Frenchwoxxy Presents Project Bayside

Any event with the name of my favourite colour of Skyline in it gets a bit of grace, and so for this event I chose a stock Nissan Skyline GT-R from 2002, the R34 model .In Bayside Blue, obviously! Again, drive around and try to have fun.

Our prize? I’m glad you asked as it is a ForzaLink phrase “Don’t talk about Street Scene”. Ok, I won’t…

PR Stunt – Danger Sign – Launch Control

Take a Japanese car, tune it to S2 Class 998, and fling it off a ramp. Oh, and try to fly more than 500m. This is the one at the end of the runway at the main Festival site, so fly down and fly!

I went with a Nissan GT-R, share code is : 870206076

We will walk away with a Super Wheelspin for being successful.

forza horizon 5 series 17 autumn GT-R

PR Stunt – Speed Zone – Watersplash

Same car restrictions as before, but this is a stiff challenge.

We have to maintain an average speed of above 95 mph, all the while splashing through rivers and trying not to slow down too much. As the road surface is dirt, I went with a Nissan GT-R again, share code is still : 870206076. 

The prize is another Super wheelspin.

PR Stunt – Drift Zone – Trailbreaker

This is what a Japanese series should be all about. 

Take an S2 Class 998 Japanese car, slide it about a bit and try to score over 130,000  drift points. I went with the 370Z I used for the Treasure Hunt (see later), and the share code is: 366123043. 

Yet another Super Wheelspin will be added to your coffers for doing this.

forza horizon 5 series 17 autumn 370 Nismo

Weekly Championship – Spoiler Sport

We need to take a Japanese Retro Sports car, tuned up to a maximum of B Class 700, and then win a series of races. The field here isn’t massive, and I went with a Nissan Skyline R32 from 1993, share code: 135285831.

For winning the championship outright solo, or best two races out of three in a convoy, we will take away a Toyota 86.

Weekly Championship – Niss’an Easy

Good grief, the puns just do not get any better, do they?

Take a (surprisingly) Nissan car, tune it to B Class 700, and then take part in some races, as per usual. Obviously, with a restriction to Nissan, it has to be a Skyline of some description, and I went with the R33 model from 1997, mainly because my uncle had one back in the day. I still remember being blown away by just how fast this thing was.

My share code is: 224199956.

The prize this time is a Mazda RX-7 from 1997, complete with its infamous Wankel rotary engine (no sniggering at the back!). 

Part 3: Other Challenges

Slim picking again this week, with only a Treasure hunt and Photo Challenge to take, alongside an arcade completion to do.

Horizon Arcade – Any

You know the score by now with these events I’m sure, but just in case, here’s the rundown.

The Arcade events are split into five disciplines – Drift, Speed, Wreckage, Chaos and Air. They are represented on the map by big pink circles, and they are then split again into three rounds.

All we have to do is complete all three rounds of any event in order to score 3 points towards the weekly prizes. It’s very hard to recommend a car, but if it is a drift event, the Formula Drift MkIV Supra will ensure you can complete all three rounds alone.

Photo Challenge -#InfinitiPool

Take any Nissan or Infiniti vehicle to Cascadas De Agua Azul, and take a photo of it next to the stone lanterns.

Sounds easy enough, right?

I’ll post the location and my attempts at art below, and for doing this, we will win another ForzaLink phrase, “Beautiful”.

forza horizon 5 series 17 Photo 2
forza horizon 5 series 17 autumn Photo 1

Treasure Hunt – 370ception

The blurb this week reads “Speed through the zones for 370 in a 370”.

I took this to mean that we had to accumulate 370 mph in speed zones in a 370Z, and so tuned my car up a tad to make it faster, share code is: 366123043. With over 1200 bhp, it should get the job done!

This is the 2010 version of the 370z, as the Nismo version doesn’t work. The Speed Zone on the highway is your friend here.

I will show where the chest appears below.

forza horizon 5 series 17 autumn Treasure 2
forza horizon 5 series 17 autumn Treasure 1

Part 4: Hot Wheels Events

For Elite level drivers only, the Hot Wheels events give us a chance to win some extra bits and bobs. So, assuming you are the correct level…

PR Stunt – Drift Zone – Waters Edge

Another drift zone, another chance to unleash an S2 Class 998 car, and a score of 150,000  drift points to beat. I went with a Nissan 370Z Nismo, the share code is 610582243, and despite being AWD and having grippy tyres, it will slide nicely if you poke it with a stick.

Another Super Wheelspin? Why not?

Seasonal Championship – Flaming Hot

For this championship, we need an S1 Class 900 car, and to keep the Nissan theme going, I went with the Nissan GT-R 2017, code 972597860. This is properly quick!

For winning the whole thing solo, or best two out of three in a convoy, we will get a Hot Wheels Tee. It’s not a proper week without some rubbish clothing, is it?

That’s that for the new events and challenges this week, but as per usual, there are other options. You’ve got the two Monthly Rivals events for instance, with the need to nail some clean – and fast – laps around both the Plaza Circuit and the Tierra Prospera in an EV. If you did them last week, you’re sorted, but otherwise there are extra points on offer for the completion of either.

You’ll want those points too – mainly as they bring you new cars. The full Series rewards are the Nissan GTR ‘20 for 80pts and the classic Subaru 22B for 160pts, but throughout Autumn you’ll find yourself working towards Toyota MR2 ‘95 and Subaru Legacy RS too. From there, expect to find Winter and Spring offering up the Galant VR-4, Toyota AT37, Sports 800 ‘65 and Nissan Sentra.

To complete the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 17 – Autumn – or to just enjoy the game for what it is – you’ll need a copy of the brilliant Forza Horizon 5 in your digital library. It’s available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC, all via the Xbox Store, for a cash outlay or through an Xbox Game Pass subscription. 

Drop into the comments and let us know if the cars listed have helped you out this week. We’d love to know if they are helping you out. 

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