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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 21 – Autumn


Time waits for no man, as the saying goes, and so it proves as Autumn rolls into Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 and with the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges. We’ve got some flamingos to catch!

Far from being a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, what Autumn brings to us is a new raft of events to try our hands at, and so I’m here, once again, with hopefully some useful tips and tunes to help you get the most out of the new week. No, no, you’re welcome!

With the usual mix of racing and PR Stuntery to go at, in addition to the new Treasure Hunt, which needs us to explore a bit, let’s jump straight in and see what is going on!

Part 1: Weekly Car Challenge – No Compromise

The subject of this week’s car challenge is a truly ridiculous vehicle, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon from 2017. This is an enormous beast, and while it is capable of pulling massive loads, racing may be a little bit out of its comfort zone.

Still, should you not have one in your garage, you can grab one from the Autoshow for 47,000 credits.

Chapter 1 – Power Wagon

Get in your new car, take it for a spin. Step one complete!

Chapter 2 – Game Face

Now we have to win a Dirt race in this behemoth.

In stock trim it is out-accelerated by tortoises, so I tuned mine up a bit to make a closely guarded secret, as the game refuses to show me the cars I add until days later. Sigh. Do a search for my gamertag, Red620Ti, and hopefully it will show up.

Chapter 3 – Heavy Hitter

With a curb weight in excess of 7000 pounds, this thing is likely to come out on top in any kind of collision. Prove this is the fact by earning a Wrecking Ball” skill, which is achieved by getting multiple wreckage skills in quick succession. Go smash stuff, basically. 

Chapter 4 – Clearing a Path

Now we need to win three stars at Trail Blazers, luckily not all in the same run. Pick your favourite one and let it rip, the tune from above should help..

And with that, the weekly challenge is complete and we are five points closer to the reward cars of Series 21.

Part 2: Weekly Challenges, Championships and PR Stunts

As Autumn has appeared, we have new events to try our hands at. Loads of them in fact. 

The Trial – Oooh… Barranca

The Trial this week promises to be a little more sedate than usual, as the car tuning limit is C Class 600, and the car class is Retro Rally. I went for a Toyota Celica ST205, with a share code of : 861264673.

Now, as usual, we need to hopefully find some random players from the internet who have not only heard of teamwork, but choose to practise it, and so this is a challenge. Still, fingers crossed, eh?

Should we manage to win best two out of three races, a lovely Bentley Bentayga is our reward.

Eventlab 1 – Jamesmiata presents By Land, Air and Sea

Now, this is a little different and we need to use an Off Road capable vehicle, in an A Class 800 range. I went for a Jeep Trailcat, with the share code: 118411445.

The track is billed as a “technical stunt track”, and while this is true, it is actually pretty good fun. I know, for the second time ever, I enjoyed an Eventlab!

The prize for zooming around? An Ford GT70 from 1970. Angular.

Horizon Arcade  – Any

We need to complete a series of three rounds in any Horizon Arcade flavour this week.

The choices are Speed, Wreckage, Chaos, Drift and Air, and of these, Drift is clearly the best. A Bone stock Formula Drift Mk IV Supra is all you need to win this event solo, but if other people join in, even better. 

Whichever type of event you like, complete all three rounds to earn 3 points towards the weekly prize.

PR Stunt 1 – Danger Sign – Salto de Rio

Step forward the BMW X5M Forza Edition, with share code: 519084427.

For such a big car, this thing certainly does like to fly, and with the approach to this Danger Sign being off road it should serve us well yet again. We need to clear over 180  metres in order to be successful.

A Super Wheelspin will be yours if you drive fast enough. And stick the landing of course… As there are a couple of inconvenient buildings, try to launch straight.

forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn X5
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn X5

PR Stunt 2 – Speed Trap – Dust Bowl

Stay in the X5M from above for this event, as it is certainly more than capable off road.

We need to zoom past the camera at above 160 mph this week, and approaching in as straight a line as possible will help. The approach from the south is marginally easier.

Another Super Wheelspin awaits. 

Seasonal Championship 1 – Rally Good Time

We need to use any Rally Monster vehicle for this set of races, as long as they are in the A Class 800 range of tuning, anyway.

I decided to go with a Hoonigan Escort Cossie “Cossie V2”, as the choice wasn’t massive to begin with.

The share code is : 140648350.

For winning outright solo, or best two out of three in a convoy, we can take home a Maserati Levante. Not sure if I like the idea of all these sports car manufacturers making SUVs, to be honest.

Seasonal Championship 2 – Ready for Liftoff

This series of races requires an Unlimited Offroad vehicle, to a limit of A Class 800, and so I went with the same Jeep Trailcat as above, share code : 118411445, in case you forgot.

For winning best two out of three in a convoy, or the whole thing solo, a Ford Escort from 1973 will be yours. Drift-tastic!

Part 3: Other Challenges

Series 21 – Autumn places some focus on the usual Photo Challenge, a Treasure Hunt and a Collectibles challenge. And the Eliminator also makes a return this week.

Photo Challenge – #Bighorn

This week, the challenge is to take a car, of any flavour, to the north of Mulege, and take a wildlife photo near the camera equipment there. If that sounds rather vague, well, it does to me too. Also quite a lot like last week’s challenge

I’ll post the location and my artistic effort below for your admiration/ridicule.

The reward? A new Forzalink phrase, “I’m the GOAT”. Marvellous.

forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Photo 2
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Photo challenge location
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Photo 1
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Photo challenge

Treasure Hunt – Finders Keepers

This Treasure Hunt seems a little different, this week as we have to find all three of the weekly Pathfinder Challenges in the Accolades page. Only then can the treasure be ours.

The three challenges in question are all trails to find, marked at the start by a pair of green balloons  and then there are a series of red balloons to follow, until the trail ends at more green balloons. They aren’t tricky to follow, so go nuts.

They start in San Sebastian, Pantano de la Selva and Estadio South

The location of the treasure chest is shown below, and it has 250,000 credits inside.

forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Treasure 2
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Treasure location
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Treasure 1
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Treasure image

Collectible Challenge – Flamingo Falls

We need to drive around Cascadas de Agua Azul, and smash 10 flamingos. Cardboard cutouts, that is, not the actual bird. What could be better, eh?

I’ll stick a picture of what we are looking for below.

For completing this challenge, we can get a Farid Rueda Lion Face Mask.Groovy.

forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Flamingo
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn Flamingo

The Eliminator – Battle Royale

This week, for a change, we have to snake it into the top 30 competitors in the Eliminator. Hide in a bush, do battle, drive around aimlessly, whatever tactic you employ needs to keep you in it for a bit.

If you can survive, there’s an X5M in it for you.

Part 4: Hot Wheels Events

If you have the Hot Wheels expansion and are an Elite Level player, then you get to enjoy a couple of extra events.

Seasonal PR Stunt – Danger Sign – Canyon Fire

Can you fly, Bobby? We need to clear a distance of over 500 m, so we will need a bit of a run up! 

Well, if any car can do it, it’s that old faithful, the Koenigsegg Agera RS, and my share code is: 109282883. Hitting the ramp at 220mph saw me jump 580 m, so this is a piece of cake!

A Super wheelspin is your reward.

Seasonal Championship – Super Loops

Now we are talking. A Hot Wheels event, with Modern Super Cars to S1 Class 900? Much better!

Of course, it has to be the lovely Nissan GT-R that gets the nod, and the share code is :972597860

We can get a new hat for winning out, a “Farid Rueda Bear” one. Yay.

forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn GT-R
forza horizon 5 series 21 autumn GT-R

Part 5: Rally Adventure Events

The Rally Adventure expansion brings even more events to the roster and provided you are already a Horizon Badlands champion, you’ll get access to… 

Seasonal PR Stunt – Speed Zone – Tierra Verdes

An off road Speed Zone? What car could possibly make the target speed of 72 mph average? I reached for the BMW X5M FE, with share code : 519084427. This is a very tricky course, and while the speed may seem low, the corners are tight and unforgiving.

A Super Wheelspin is the prize.

Seasonal Championship – Time Warp

A retro Saloon, eh? And only to B Class 700? Well, for the small choice, I went with a Sierra Cosworth RS500, and the share code is: 156659146. Can’t go wrong with a Cossie, as I always say!

The prize for winning out, whether solo or in a convoy, is a Macarena emote. Lovely.

With Series 21 underway, new monthly rewards are up for grabs. For a mere 80 points, you can take home a Wuling Sunshine and for 160 points you can have an Audi RS7 2021.

The monthly Rivals challenges are also live, with them both being EV challenges, one in Ek’Balam and the other using a Cupra Tavascan Concept car. Make sure you take these in at some point during Series 21 – unless you did them last week?

Grab enough points and Autumn also brings new prizes – the Ford F-150 ‘86 for 20 points and the #44 Extreme E for 40 points.

And that’s your lot for this week and our little guide to the best cars and tunes of Forza Horizon 5’s Series 21 Autumn. 

To enjoy these events in the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, you’ll need a copy of Forza Horizon 5. It’s available on Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and on the cloud via mobile. The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download. 

As always, the comments section is below. We’d love to know if these cars and tunes have helped you out. And if they don’t, we’d like to know that too. Because well, then we can make better, faster cars. 

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