It appears that Winter in Mexico isn’t quite the same as it is here in the chilly UK, so Forza Horizon 5’s Weekly Challenges for Series 3 – Winter is subtitled “Dry Season”. What doesn’t change though is the sheer amount of mad stuff that the Playground Games’ guys and gals want us to achieve over the course of the next seven days or so. So here goes with this week’s seasonal and series tips installment, helping you get the most from all of the challenges on offer through Forza Horizon 5 – Series 3 – Winter. 

This time around the Series 3 Challenges revolve around Winter, as I mentioned above and in a fortunate move the Weekly Challenge this time centres on one of the cars we needed to use last week for a championship, which is a bit of a result! The Speed Trap this time around is the Bypass one, the Danger Sign to fling yourself off of is in La Cruz, and finally the Trailblazer Gate is the “Over the Dune” one, so a nice mixed bag to go at.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into the meat of these challenges, shall we?

Part 1 – The Weekly Car Challenge – Jeep Trailcat – Ultimate Offroader

Now, this will be a familiar car to those of you who tuned into my ramblings last week. The car is the 2016 Jeep Trailcat, a returnee from Forza Horizon 4 and a very capable off road vehicle. And not a slow one, as this week’s Fun Fact will demonstrate: Jeep created the Trailcat by shoehorning a Hellcat engine into a regular Jeep, having to lengthen the frame by 12 inches to do so. That’s 707bhp in an offroad car in stock trim, folks! So, what do we have to do with this monster?

Luckily, nothing too onerous. We have to own one  and drive it for step one, then go about winning three Dirt Racing trail events, the point to point races. After this, we need to earn 15 air skills, and there are two main ways to do this: head to the desert on the left of the map and fly over the dunes, or look for a Horizon Arcade “Air” event, as this may let you kill two birds with one stone, and gain some sweet accolades on the way. After this, the final stage is to win three Cross Country events in it.

Now, the tune I uploaded last week for the A CLass 800 challenge will work perfectly well, but if you fancy a little more spice, I have also created an S1 tune to make things more interesting. The share codes are 118411445 for the A Class and 267471129 for the S1 Class.

forza horizon 5 Trailcat (1)

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

Every week, Forza Horizon 5 likes to throw us a couple of curve balls in the shape of challenges and it’s no different with the Series 3 Winter list. These are generally based around PR stunts, and this week we have to beat a Speed Trap, perform a death defying Danger Sign jump and 3-Star a Trailblazer Gate. So…

Speed Trap – Bypass

The Bypass Speed Trap is located near the West coast of the map, on quite a windy road. The regular speed for 3 stars is 170mph, but luckily that is increased somewhat for the seasonal challenge, to 195mph! 

However, our car choice is restricted to S2 998, which should make it doable. I used the Koeniggsegg One:1, with its famed 1BHP per kilo power to weight ratio, and absolutely blasted it with a little light tuning. Top tip is to approach the camera from the north (top of the map) as it makes it a little easier.

Tuning share code is: 922155891.

Again, a wheelspin is our reward.

forza horizon One 1

Danger Sign – La Cruz

La Cruz is located in the kind top middle of the map, and features a quite nice approach without too many obstacles. The car we have to use is the Bentlety Bentayga, a heavyweight luxury barge more suited to boulevard cruising than jumping off a cliff!

It is also restricted to an A Class 800. We need to achieve a distance of 214 metres, which is actually more than the normal 3 Star distance. My top tip for this jump is to try and jump from over towards the right side of the ramp as you come flying up as this will see you land on the road, rather than the grass and a potentially expensive flip. 

My tune for the car I used is:118484657.

The reward for jumping far enough is a wheelspin, and this tune did 216m on the first time of asking! Smashed it. 

forza horizon 5 Bentayga

Trailblazer Gate – Over the Dune

This gate is located near the west coast, in the upper part of the map. We have to complete it with more than 25 seconds left on the clock, and we have to complete in the #25 Bronco “Brocky” that we won last week. 

Again limited to an A Class 800, the tune I used is this – 709656590. My top tip for this Trailblazer is to go further right than you think you need to at the beginning, and further left than you think in the middle, in order to miss the Horizon site inconveniently in the way.

Speeding through the dunes will net you a Super Wheelspin. And we all like Super Wheelspins. Why? They’s super!

forza horizon 5 Brocky

Part 3 – Seasonal Championships

There are a selection of seasonal championships to try out in Series 3 and the Winter picks are as follows… 

Championship 1 – Cross Country Skiing

This championship is restricted to Unlimited Buggies, and to A Class 800 yet again. With a wide variety of cars to choose from, I plumped for the Alumi Craft Class 10 Race car, with its weird engine placement, slung out the back. A little light tuning resulted in this code: 118007437

As you’d expect, this is a Cross Country championship, and the drivatars are not shy about making their presence felt again, so be prepared for a fight. If you win out (and in this car, you should) then an Aerial Nomad will be your prize.

forza horizon 5 Alumi

Championship 2 – Athletes

This is an odd selection of cars this time around. The criteria is “Cars named Super Sport” and the class is S2 998. The only car I had that fitted the bill was a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, so that’s what I used! A car not noticeably underpowered in stock trim, under my “expert” hand it soon had 300 more bhp to use, and the code is: 513611257.

And the blue lights on the roof? Why not!

Surprisingly, the field was entirely made up of Veyrons, so this is a hard fought series of races again.

Winning this championship will earn you the Running Man emote, so that’s nice, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

forza horizon 5 Veyron

Championship 3 – Speed Skating

The cars we have to use this time are Super Saloons, and restricted to S1 900. I chose to use a Porsche Panamera Turbo 2017, reasoning that if a car already had 4WD, it would need less tuning. But tune I did – into this beastie: 168618806. And if you drive in the front bumper view, like I do, you don’t need to look at the car either. I’m not saying it’s not good looking…

The reward this time around is the BMW M5 ‘12, so another Super Saloon. Yeah for the Super Saloons. 

forza horizon 5 Panamera

Part 4 – Others

Photo Challenge – #BigCityLights

This week’s photo challenge is even easier than last week’s, simply requiring you to take any car to Guanajuato in the darkness to take a photo. I’ll include a photo of the location and the car I used, for your viewing pleasure. It may even feature a TXH Forza club livery! Want one? Join our club – just search for TheXboxHub. 

Forza horizon 5 puma
Forza Horizon 5 Guanajuato

Collectibles Challenge – Light the Beacons!

As with any of these collectible challenges, there are a certain amount of things that you need to crash into. This time around it is Chinese Lanterns that are floating around in the Dunas Blancas area of the map, in the west.

Now, it’s hard to see the words on the map, as they are white on a white background, but I shall include a photo to show where they are. Simply drive around, smash into 50 of the lanterns, and the “Eat My Dust” Forza Link phrase shall be yours.

Pro Tip: at night, the lanterns are lit up, making seeing them a little easier!

forza horizon 5 lantern
Forza Horizon 5Lantern Location

As always, there are also a few daily challenges to complete, and an award for completing a Horizon Tour with a bunch of other folks, but these are the main challenges of Forza Horizon 5 and the Series 3 Winter unlocks. Go out and grab some points, unlocking the Porsche Carrera GT (the car that Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame was in when he died), when you reach 25 Forzathon points, and the Toyota AT38 when you reach 45 points.

It may take a bit of practice, but both cars are eminently obtainable provided you follow our advice and by doing so will go some way to helping you gather the required points for the full Series 3 unlocks of the Zenvo TS1 (120pts) and the Ford Mustang ’71 (200pts). If you followed our guide to Autumn last time out, you should be well on your way to nailing these too, with the Zenvo already in your garage. 

So until next week when Series 3 continues with the Spring scene, happy racing!

We hope that this Forza Horizon 5 guide can help in your quest for points, for accolades and for new found Forza Horizon 5 skills. Let us know in the comments if it’s been of some use.  

And if you haven’t yet got behind the wheel of Forza Horizon 5, you’re missing out on something special. Go and grab a download from the Xbox Store right now. It’s playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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