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Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges Guide – Series 4 – Autumn


Autumn is here in Forza Horizon 5 and the World Cup of cars rumbles on. And even after my efforts in pushing the UK side of things last week, it’s currently Japan which is winning in the World Cup stakes. But this week I’ve decided to mix it up the Challenges Guide a bit and go for mainly cars from the USA. I Don’t want to be accused of any bias, after all! 

If you’re struggling to make the most of the Forza Horizon 5 weekly challenges that are set in Series 4 – Autumn, then let us help you out…

Part 1 – The Weekly Challenge – Country Rivals: USA vs Germany

As is usual for these types of Weekly Challenge, there are four steps to complete. Luckily, they are all pretty straight forward, except maybe the last one. So, here we go with the breakdown!

Step 1 – Own and drive any American or German car from before 2010.

I have chosen, as I believe is the law in these kind of contests, a Mustang to complete this challenge. I’ve tuned it up to A Class, and built it for off-road, as the following steps will demonstrate, this seemed like a good idea. I used the Ford Mustang Boss 302 and the share code is 144740677.


Step 2 – In your chosen car, win a Cross Country Circuit event.

Easily done and so if you have a favourite Cross Country circuit, use this. I chose the Estadio Circuit in the middle of the map as it is fairly short.

Step 3 – Score three Stars at a Trailblazer.

Again, this is pretty simple, the easiest one for me personally is the Sand and Deliver gate, found over in the desert to the left of the map.

Step 4 – With your chosen car, earn five Crash Landing Skill Combos.

Now, this one may be a little tricky. A Crash Landing skill combo is defined in game as “perform an air and wreckage skill in quick succession”. So basically, jump through the air and crash into things!

This is easily done in the scrubland to the left of the map, where there are numerous hills and cacti to hit. But it’s not as simple as you may expect. A little bit of grinding some time will help. 

Taking this down will nab you five points towards Autumn’s weekly car prizes. 

Part 2 – Seasonal Championships

There are three different Seasonal Championships to enjoy through Autumn of Series 4, with the following details present…

Championship 1 – Super Sonic

This particular championship is not too tricky. It is a B Class 700 Dirt Racing championship, and in keeping with my theme of the USA this week, I chose a 1977 #5 Ford Escort  RS1800 MKII. 

A little light tuning resulted in this tune: 793610371. With 4WD and a top speed of 150mph, the real strength is in the speed it can carry through the corners.

And what will you win? The Peugeot 207 S of course. 

ford escort

Championship 2 – The Big Leagues

This is another B Class 700 championship, and this time is based on the Cross Country races.

The cars on offer, from the US, consisted of the 2014 Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid , and luckily I had already built one of these up to the requisite class. The share code is : 166960440, and a top tip is not to be afraid of throwing this thing sideways, as a little dab of oppo can see you carry more speed through the checkpoints.

What would you like to win for nailing this championship? Well, it’ll be the Lambo Urus ‘19. 

ford ranger

Championship 3 – Home Street Home

In keeping with the other championships this week, this is a B Class 700 set of races, but this time is street based instead of in the dirt.

So, with that in mind, and of the cars I had the choice of, it was the 2009 Ford Focus RS that got the nod. Again, a dash of 4WD, a pinch of brakes and gearing gave me this: 111915343. I didn’t have enough points left for decent tyres, so be careful on the bends. Slow in, fast out, remember?

You’ll find the Honda Civic ‘18 is yours should you win. 


Part 3 – Weekly Challenges

This time around, the PR stunts seem to have taken a back seat, with the usual challenges noticeable by their absence. Instead, we are challenged to do other things, but they are still fun so you’ll want to crack on through Forza Horizon 5’s Series 4 Autumn challenges…

Challenge 1 – Good Sport – Horizon Open

To get this challenge complete, merely get five clean start start skills in Horizon Open racing. This mainly involves not crashing into anyone, and as such may be largely out of your hands. Start a race, don’t crash and it should be fairly easy.

This will reward you with the ForzaLink phrase “World’s Fastest!”. Perhaps the phrases aren’t the most exciting of prizes, but every little one counts. 

Challenge 2 – Playground Games – Contact Sport

Basically, this is the weekly invitation to play the Playground Games playlist. 

Played over five rounds, the first team to reach three wins will win. It is limited to B Class 700 Dirt Racing vehicles again, and from the list available, it was the same Escort as before that got the nod. The share code again is 793610371

Completing the playlist (not even winning is needed) will award you the BMW M2.

Challenge 3 – Horizon Arcade

For this challenge, simply complete any Horizon Arcade theme all the way to the end of round three. I personally find the Drift events to be the easiest, using any of the Formula Drift cars, but do whichever you find easiest.

Doing this will net not only 60 Forzathon points for finishing the event, but also give you three points towards the Weekly Rewards.

Part 4 – Other Challenges

This is the bit of the weekly event that can be either super easy, or sometimes super hard. Luckily, the Photo Challenge this week is pretty much as simple as that found in Series 4 – Summer.

Photo Challenge – #Fasttrack

The challenge this week is pretty straightforward, if a little expensive.

We need to photograph the 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast (seriously, what kind of firm calls its car “Superfast”?), while it is racing at the Horizon Mexico circuit.

Get in the car, go to the race marker on the circuit, and snap away. 

I will include my photo and the location in case you are stuck.

Completing this challenge will award the “Applause” car horn.

Photo challenge 2 autumn
Photo challenge (1) autumn

Collectibles – Two-Wheel Challenger

In a move guaranteed to endear the game to our cycling mad editor, the seasonal smash challenge this time around entails smashing ten bikes.

I will include a photo of the best place I have found to do this. It is right near the “Uran Circuit” Cross Country race. Smash the bikes there, fast travel to the Gran Caldera and then back and they will have respawned, making this challenge a piece of cake.

This will reward you with the Dodge Challenger 2015, which seems like a fair swap.

Bike Location

And so that’s pretty much it for this week. You should know exactly why you are taking part in these weekly Forza Horizon 5 challenges, but in case you are new around these parts, it all boils down to a few things – new cars. 

With Series 4 – Autumn, you’ll be earning points with each championship and challenge, building them up so that you can take home the Wuling Sunshine S (I’ve never heard of it either, so don’t be alarmed!)for 25pts and the Rimac Concept 2 for 40pts. Following our guide should see these obtained rather easily. 

Those points are also used as part of the full Series 4 gifts, with the Epic Saleen S7 for 100pts and the Koenigsegg Jesko in Legendary trim coming in at 160pts. There’s a good chance that you’ll now have enough for the S7, but come back this time next week for our guide to Forza Horizon 5’s Series 4 – Winter challenges and the points will stack up even more. 

And Winter brings its own free cars too – namely the Epic Porsche 911 GT3 RS4 ‘12 for a mere 25pts and the Jaguar XJ220 for 40 – that one is Legendary too. 

You’ll need the base game of Forza Horizon 5 to hand on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC in order to take part in the Series 4 events, but that’s freely downloadable via Game Pass and available from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 


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1 year ago

Thank you for posting this. The mustang share code helped me beat the weekly challenge easily. Nothing else I tried was working.

paul Renshaw
paul Renshaw
Reply to  Drafter
1 year ago

You are welcome mate, always nice to get feedback.

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