Winter is coming and in Forza Horizon 5 that means a host of new weekly challenges are on the table. The Series 4 World Cup continues too, as Japan, Germany and the UK make up the current podium of car manufacturers. Series 4 – Winter does however place focus on the Italian and French variety of vehicle and so the opportunity to go racing in a Lambo, Ferrari or little Renault 5 Turbo is up for grabs. 

It’s with these where we’ll place our efforts for the Weekly Challenge Guide covering Series 4 – Winter, with the following words sure to help you out in your quest for Forza Horizon 5 stardom. 

Part 1 – The Weekly Challenge – Country Rivals: Italy vs France

Now, I decided to go a little left field this week, a little out of the ordinary. What about taking a little French car from 1967 and go absolutely nuts with the tuning?

I chose a Renault 8 Gordini 1967, tuned it to a scarcely believable S2 931, and unleashed the beast. The share code is 777821777, and it is an absolute hoot to drive, setup for on road racing. A car from 1967 that can do better than 200 mph? Bonkers!

Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Winter Renault

Step 1 – Own and drive any Italian or French car.

Choose your lovely Renault, apply the tune, and this is complete.

Step 2 – In your chosen car, win a Road Sprint Race Event.

This is right in this car’s wheelhouse, simply pick your favourite sprint Road Racing track and let it fly. Winning should be a piece of gateau, mais non?

Step 3 – Earn a total of six stars from Danger Signs.

The easiest Danger Sign I have found to three star is the La Cruz one, as the required distance is fairly short, and there is a nice run from the right. Hitting the ramp at 185mph saw me jump 224 metres, a good deal further than the 198 required for three stars.

Do this twice, step complete!

Step 4 – With your chosen car, earn five Ultimate Speed Skills.

Again, a fairly simple last step.

Simply go to the main highway that bisects the map, start at one end and drive! Starting at the danger sign in the roundabout, I had this completed by the middle of the highway run, and so the challenge was complete.

Part 2 – Seasonal Championships

There are three different Seasonal Championships to enjoy through Winter of Series 4, with the following details present…

Championship 1 – All Star Style

This is a Street race In an A Class 800 car, from a selection of vehicles from the countries taking part in the World Cup.

Despite Japan currently being in the lead of the World Cup, I have made the decision this week to let my love for everything JDM override my patriotism, and so I went with a Toyota GR Supra from 2020.

Tuned to the max for A Class, with 4WD to aid in the corners, its share code is 984217186. And yes, the body kit is totally necessary. 

Winning the three races alone, or the best two out of three if in a convoy is all that is required.

Your reward for showing off in style is the awesome Ford GT ‘17. 

Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Winter Supra

Championship 2 – Running Cool

This time around the championship is a Cross Country series, again limited to A Class 800.

Of the cars on offer, the only one from the land of the rising sun was the Honda Civic Type R 2018. So clearly, a little light tuning was called for to suit the rigours of the off road world.

You know the drill by now:4WD, off road tyres and suspension, a little light breathing on the engine. I tuned this car up to the max I could, and the share code is 125440199. 

Be warned though, the opponents in this race take no prisoners!

Got what it takes to keep your cool? You’ll be taking home the Porsche 911 GT3 RS ‘16 for your troubles.   

Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Winter Civic

Championship 3 – Going For Gold

This championship is a Road Racing A Class 800 championship, and of the cars available, it was the the GR Supra that got the nod again.

The same share code as before, 984217186, will see you right and running out the winner.

Not much more to say about this one, really but one point to note is the fact that the corners have walls around them – While we wouldn’t advocate smashing the driverbots into the walls, if a few unlucky collisions were to occur. Well, rubbing is racing, right?

Prove your worth to Henry Kelly (Google him, kids) and your gold star reward will be the Nissan R390. (I will point out that joke, and all the groans that came from it, are solely my editor’s responsibility).

Part 3 – Weekly Challenges

Challenge 1 – Eventlab

This is described as a “realistic hillclimb simulator” and has to be completed in a car from the Rally Monsters class, and an S1 900 Class.

I used a Ford Racing Puma FE for this race, and its share code is:146677047, and while the race is a bit of a drag, the car does make it fun.

You have to drive a course three times, one after the other, and your runs are scored, but I don’t think it’s possible to lose.

There’s also a pretty cool livery for the Puma available on a TheXboxHub theme, so give that a look under my creative hub.

Winning a Mclaren 570S coupe is a pretty good consolation however.

Puma livery
Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Winter Puma

Challenge 2 – Playground Games – Play It Cool

This is the weekly attempt to get us all to play the Playground Games playlist.

While these can be fun, to be honest, I’d much rather be racing! Still, win or lose over a series of three events, including Team King and Infected, will see you come away with a shiny automobile for your trouble. 

The cars on offer are again from the World Cup countries, limited to an A Class 800 and the Japanese contingent is the old faithful Honda Civic Type R 2018. Share code again is 125440199

You’ll find the Lambo Huracan in your garage should you manage to succeed (or fail, but take part) in this one. 

Part 4 – Other Challenges

Each and every week the Forza Horizon gods like to add a bit of variety, taking us away from the racing. For Series 4 – Winter, that involves a Treasure Hunt, a run through The Eliminator and a Photo Challenge. 

Photo Challenge – #AheadOfTheGame

For this week, the photo challenge is one of the simpler ones. Get yourself a Land Rover Range Velar First Edition, take it to the Baja Circuit, and get clicking. I’ll attach my effort and the location to make it even easier but this is as simple as they come. 

Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Winter Photo Challenge 2
Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 Winter Photo challenge 1

Treasure Hunt – On Target

This appears to be tied to the Horizon Arcade “Air” events, that usually have a round involving jumping through targets off ramps, and hitting five bullseyes will make a chest appear. Also, the clue states “Rallying Beasts”, so I’m going to assume you need to be in a Rally Monster class vehicle. If you are unfamiliar with these events, basically look on the map for a pink circle, and the ones you are looking for will have the word “Air” in it. 

Now, Air events don’t turn up all the time, so jump on them when you see them would be my advice. Also, you can fast travel to the areas you need to inside the event with no penalty.

The Eliminator – Battle Royale

This week, we have to play the Eliminator, and sadly I am the wrong person to ask for advice. The only achievement I have yet to get in this game is to win a round of the Eliminator, and I am no closer now than when I started.

My only advice is that, as you only have to get into the top thirty, spawn somewhere out of the way and hide, be it in woods or up a mountain. Once the player count drops below 30, feel free to explore and try to score a better car, but hiding and stealth are your friends.

Managing to stay out of trouble will gift you the Forzalink phrase “Are you not entertained?”. No, not really!

Hopefully you’ll find all the other stages fairly simple to complete and if you do you will be safe in the knowledge that a ton of ForzaPoints, cars and other items will be yours. You’ll also be rewarded in Season Points for each activity, with those of Series 4 – Winter giving you the Porsche 911 GT3 RS4 ‘12 once you’ve hit 25pts and the Legendary Jaguar XJ220 for 40pts. 

Those points also contribute to the full Series 4 gifts, with the Epic Saleen S7 for 100pts and the Koenigsegg Jesko in Legendary trim coming in at 160pts. You should really have plenty enough for the Saleen by now, slowly and surely working your way up to the Jesko. If you find yourself a little short, come back here next week for our full guide on how to nail the Forza Horizon 5 Series 4 – Spring challenges. You’ll find the MG MG3 and Pagani Zonda R up for grabs then too. 

Of course, for all this to happy, you’ll need the base game of Forza Horizon 5 to hand on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC in order to take part in the Series 4 events. Thankfully that’s freely downloadable via Game Pass and available from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

Let us know in the comments if this guide is of any use to you.

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7 months ago

Still can’t believe the devs removed speed traps, speed zones and danger sign from the weekly playlist.

Paul Renshaw
Paul Renshaw
Reply to  Polinsky
7 months ago

I know what you mean mate, but as I understand it, at the end of this series new PR stunts are going to be added! Something to look forward to?

Neil Watton
Reply to  Paul Renshaw
7 months ago

That’s something that would certainly work for me

Fuck yer tunes
Fuck yer tunes
7 months ago

Shitty tunes yo, like a hotdog sliding down a hallway

Paul Renshaw
Paul Renshaw
Reply to  Fuck yer tunes
7 months ago

I love the simile, thats very amusing. Shame about the profanity.Overall mark 2.5/5, must try harder.Yo.