When the Xbox One Deals With Gold scheme was first announced, Forza 5 was mentioned as being one of the first titles to get a price cut, and so that has turned out to be the case.

You can currently pick up Forza 5 and the Forza 5 Car Pass with a 33% discount just as long as you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. That brings it down to less than £27 in the UK. Bargain price for a great game!

Xbox One Deals With Gold:

Forza 5 – 33% off – Usually £39.99 now £26.79
Forza 5 Car Pass – 33% off

As always with these deals, region variations will no doubt apply but you should be seeing the discounts on your Xbox One right about now. Just navigate your way to the ‘Store’ tab and pick up the racing bargains! How long the discounts will be in place for is anyones guess, but if it’s anything like the Xbox 360 Deals With Gold, expect seven days worth at least.

Edit: As it currently stands, the Car Pass doesn’t seem to be discounted in the UK. We’ll update as and when it drops in price.

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