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It’s safe to say that the Forza franchise has ripped up the racing rule-book and utterly dominated the scene. No matter whether you are looking to go track racing with Forza Motorsport or hitting the wild open roads with Forza Horizon, the franchise as a whole sees off all others. Now though Forza is moving away from the confines of Xbox to roll out on iOS and Android, with Forza Street not just bringing hot racing to the mobile world, but Xbox achievements for good measure.

Having been available on PC for a couple of years already, the free love of Forza Street is now making its way to iOS and Android, and if you’re up for collecting cars, racing the world, and dominating the motorsport scene, this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Available on iOS and Android phones and tablets, Forza Street sees you partaking in a bit of a street race, taking down events and increasing your car collection with every race you win. With a whole host of iconic cars in place, no matter whether you are a veteran to the Forza world, or a newbie looking to take home your first pink slip, Forza Street is going to be the mobile racer you will want to spend time with.

Streamlined mobile friendly controls will ensure that the racing in Forza Street is on point every time, while the option to batter out quick one-minute long races, or deeper immersive story-driven affairs will allow anyone to enjoy. 

A whole host of legendary cars are available in Forza Street – from the usual street racers, through the muscle machines and right up to the fastest of supercars. Throughout your time with Street you’ll be looking to build these cars into a collection worthy of the most premium garage. 

Features include:

  • Expanding Roster of Cars: From the best performance icons from street and showroom, collect cars from a list that’s constantly growing.
  • Street Showdowns: Quick, point to point races puts focus on you and your opponent as you speed through twisting neon streets.
  • Upgrade Your Rides: Maximize the power of your lineup to take on more challenging and more lucrative events.
  • An Endless Story: With weekly new content, be ready to take on fresh events, stories, and challenges with each update.
  • Multiple Paths to Victory: Big risk equals big rewards. Take on faster opponents for more prizes or play it safe and secure the win.
  • Built for Speed: Built to support gorgeous graphics on a wide range of devices makes this anyone’s race.

Free to download right this second, the best bit of Forza Street isn’t the fact that you can get your racing fix anywhere at any time, but by playing through it you’ll be able to earn those all important Xbox achievements, building Gamerscore in the process. Oh, and should you fire up Forza Street and give it a blast prior to June 5th 2020, you’ll discover a fresh reward of the 2017 Ford GT and multiple in-game credits and gold.

Check out the trailer below in order to discover more about Forza Street and then head on over to your favourite mobile store to grab a free download. The Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, the Samsung Galaxy Store or the good old Microsoft Store will sort you out.

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