Ever wanted to travel the world in order to discover the most incredible fossils the world has ever seen? Fossil Hunters will let you do just that. Kinda.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Fossil Hunters sees you rock up to a mysterious dig site before making your way swiftly through more than 30 different levels as you uncover numerous fossils, cleaning them up and detailing their characteristics before moving on to the next.

Whether you’re playing alone or with friends via the local drop-in/drop-out co-op opportunities that are in place, you’ll find yourself digging through dirt, uncovering clues and putting together the biggest of skeletons as you attempt to find the most valuable discoveries science has known.

A price of £13.59 is all that the Xbox Store is asking for you to be able to get a download moving, and with more than 150 notes, artifacts and sketches to complete and no less than 4 different fossil hunters to go equipped as, those wishing to get down on the dig and are ready to move some dirt should be more than happy with what this fun little game brings.

Will you be uncovering the next big thing? Let us know if you’ll be getting involved by hitting up the comments section.

Game Description:

You are an adventuring Fossil Hunter who has traveled to a remote, mysterious dig site to discover the most incredible fossils the world has ever seen! Discover and assemble your own fossil creations and avoid cave-ins, monsters, and traps while you explore exciting underground environments. Find secrets, treasure and more as you uncover clues to the whereabouts of the fossil hunters who came before you. Find fossil blocks by digging through dirt and connect them together to create a complete skeleton. Different fossils can be found depending on the kind of dirt and the environment you are digging in. Using rare pieces, cleaning your fossils or making huge skeletons can result in more valuable creations, but you choose how many pieces to assemble and in what order. Complete specific fossil schematics to further the path of science and progress deeper into the earth, where you’ll encounter unique creatures and spectacular new areas as you endeavor to reach the very bottom of the caves. Features: • Modular fossil system allows you to build any way you like • Play with up to 3 other friends in frantic drop-in/drop-out local co-op • Collect over 150 notes, artifacts, and sketches to fill your field journal • 30 hand-crafted levels with new fossils, secrets, and power-ups to discover • Play as one of 4 unique Fossil Hunters with multiple color variations • Lush, fully orchestral soundtrack

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