Four King Casino and Slots is game which has positioned itself to focus solely on the burgeoning popularity of VR and live casinos. But is it the real deal? By the end of this review all will be revealed.

The closest thing you’ll get to the casino experience on Xbox?

The Four King Casino and Slots is a social MMO that lets you immerse yourself in a simulated casino experience.

You can play a variety of games including (but by no means limited to) slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, keno and bingo.

You start the game by picking and then customizing your avatar character.

And as you fulfill the daily tasks within the game, you’re rewarded with in-game chips. You can then use these to hit the tables as well as to further customize your avatar.

So should you buy it or not? That largely depends on whether you’re much of a casino fan or not. However, here are Four King Casino and Slots pros and cons before making up your mind:


#1- Decent graphics

I say they’re decent because nothing compares with real life “graphics”. But this is Xbox we’re talking about so the visuals are bound to look really good (though they’re not perfect, as you’ll see below).

#2- You can socialize

Since others played will be participating, you can make small chat and make friends with them.

Or you can get you friends to participate and hold a in-game poker tournament.

Now that’d be an experience!

#3- This is a “safe” environment

Simulated casinos are a “save heaven” for you to sate your gambling urges when they strike and you’re at your weakest.

No, you won’t blow the money you can’t afford to lose on a game where you know you can’t win.

Instead, play to your heart’s content knowing that you’re in control and that even if you “lose money” you will win by not going to the real casino and blowing your savings away.

In fact, read this comment I picked up from someone while lurking on the forums:

“this game has helped me control the crazy moment when I think ‘I should go to the casino with my last $200 and turn it into $20,000!’ In short, it saved me money in real life!”

Not bad, eh?

#4- You can increase your gambling skill for free

Some gambling games are purely luck based, so your experience doesn’t matter.

But others require you to have some level of skill, if you want to win that is.

Good examples are poker and blackjack.

You can play; and lose; and win; and pick up the tricks and hacks for free; and then make a killing in the real casino playing for real money.

 #5-  Fun

Yes, as stupid as it seems for me to spell it out, this game can offer you some mindless fun – a perfect way to drive your thoughts away from your pressing real-life issues.

Of course, if casinos aren’t your thing then you’ll disagree. However, the developers have done a great job nonetheless of creating something everyone can enjoy.

Four King Casino and Slots Cons

#1- Loading screens and lagging

The game looks nice – but it’s far from perfect and sometimes there is some lagging when your character moves. It’s really disconcerting and diminishes the experience.

Also, there are loading sections between different parts of the casino. They last for too long and, again, affect the overall experience.  

#2- Game glitches.

Sometimes the game glitches and fails to start. The game basically crashes and you have to start over.

#3- Lack of real gambling thrill

I mentioned that this virtual casino is a safe environment, because you can’t lose real money. That is its strength, but also its biggest weakness.

The real thrill of gambling is knowing that you wager real money and that you could lose it in an instant. That is to say other than no deposit bonuses at online casinos. For all its perks, you simply don’t have that in simulated casino playing with virtual money.

#4- You’ll get bored quickly

If you’re an experienced player, don’t bother with this game – it’ll lose its charm way too quickly.

If you’re a newbie than you have an exciting few days ahead of you, but that too will pass quickly. Unless of course you wish to improve your ability at skilled table games – such as poker or blackjack – in a safe environment.

The biggest drawback of this and other virtual gambling games is that games are all standardized. They lack the thing that makes online gambling exciting and unpredictable – free spins and other bonuses.


We rate the game pretty good overall. It’s particularly so for newbies who want to deep their toes in the exciting waters of gambling.

But… if you’re a seasoned player – you should NOT download this game. 

It’ll bore you to death because nothing beats the excitement of wagering real money, win or lose.

And once you’ve gambled once, you can never go back and play for fake cash.

So from that perspective, the game – for all it’s qualities – never comes close to the real deal.