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There’s nothing of the stature of Forza Horizon 5 arriving on Game Pass today, but we have four acclaimed smaller titles to inform you about. 

Boot up Game Pass and you will find that Exo One (Console, Cloud and PC), Fae Tactics (Console, Cloud and PC), My Friend Pedro (Console, Cloud and PC) and UnDungeon (Console, Cloud and PC) are all waiting patiently for you at some point today.

These are a mixture of new games, released day-one on the Game Pass service, and some that have been around a little longer.

Exo One is our personal highlight. This is in the day-one category, and we’re not entirely sure how to explain it. It’s got something of Flight of the Navigator to it, maybe a hint of Interstellar, and a splash of Journey. You play a spacecraft of alien origin with the ability to move through time and, it seems, the ability to manipulate gravity. So, you’re flying through landscapes that look more like screensavers than feasible worlds, as you hunt down the meaning of life. Or something like that. Honestly, we’re not completely sure. 

Fae Tactics is going to scratch a very specific set of players’ itches. It’s for anyone who fell in love with Final Fantasy Tactics or Vandal Hearts, as it’s marrying the JRPG with a turn-based battler. The character designs are all on point too, looking like a pixelated anime. The soundtrack is straight out of a spaghetti western, so there’s plenty in this melting pot. 

My Friend Pedro has been out for yonks, but it’s no less fun for it. It’s John Wick with an added talking banana, and more slow-mo than Michael Bay could muster. Basically, you’re jumping into rooms, getting all Max Payne with the time-slowing, and punching holes in enemies with various guns. It’s all the fun of the fair, and we gave it a resounding 4.5/5 in review.

Finally, we have UnDungeon. This is a narrative-infused dungeon crawler that would generate some Legend of Zelda comparisons if it didn’t look so unsettling. It’s got bigger ambitions too, as you’re travelling through space and time to attempt to avoid a multiversal cataclysm (there’s a lot of that going round). The soundtrack is great too.

What else is coming in November? We’re glad you asked. On the 23rd we have Deeeer Simulator (Console, Cloud and PC), Mortal Shell (Console, Cloud and PC) and Flight Simulator – Game of the Year Edition (Console, Cloud and PC). On the 30th is the headliner, as Evil Genius 2 emerges from its lair (Cloud, Console and PC).

We’re also kicking out a few games. On the 30th, Game Pass is losing Call of the Sea (Cloud, Console, and PC), FIFA 19 (Console and PC), Football Manager 2021 (PC), Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition (Console and PC), Haven (Cloud, Console, and PC), Hello Neighbor (Cloud, Console, and PC), Morkredd (Cloud, Console, and PC) and Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action (PC).

Got your eyes on any one of these games in particular? Let us know in the comments below. We’re on the usual social channels too.

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