Bandai Namco are spoiling us with a plethora of exciting reveals for JUMP FORCE, including the identity of four playable characters joining the rosters, details about the collector’s edition and a rough release window.

Amongst the four newly announced playable characters entering the fray are two more from Hunter X Hunter and two new ones from classic manga Yu Yu Hakusho. Joining JUMP FORCE from Yu Yu Hakusho is the main protagonist and ‘Underworld Detective’, Yusuke, who’s accompanied in this unveiling by Toguro, a human turned demon. As for the Hunter X Hunter duo, there’s Kirua, the third son of the Zoldyck family – a family of the most infamous and deadly assassins in the world – and Kurapika, who’s the sole surviving member of his clan. Both are strong fighters that value their friends and as a result they’ll do anything to protect them!

The legendary manga artist and creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama has designed four brand new and original characters for the story. These are Director Glover, Navigator, Galena and Kane, with the latter two expected to be villains. You can get a better look at all four in the video at the bottom of this post.

JUMP FORCE will launch in February 2019 and when it does, there’ll be a Season Pass available that adds nine new characters to the game’s already impressive line-up. The Season Pass will be a part of the Collector’s Edition too, which also comes with a Steel Book, three art boards (28x28cm), and an exclusive diorama statue that features the three main heroes from the game; Naruto, Luffy, and Goku. Furthermore, all players that pre-order any version of the game will receive a new lobby vehicle, as well as three exclusive avatar costumes as a bonus.

Before that though, a closed beta test is scheduled for JUMP FORCE between 12-14th October 2018 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Spaces are limited and only open to members of the EP!C REWARDS CLUB. Registration will close on 7th October, 2018 at 11PM BST and closed beta codes will be sent out by emails in the days that follow. Here’s a full rundown of session times:

  • CBT session #1: October 12th – 14:00 – 16:00PM BST
  • CBT session #2: October 13th – 05:00 – 07:00AM BST
  • CBT session #3: October 13th – 18:00 – 20:00PM BST
  • CBT session #4: October 14th – 05:00 – 07:00AM BST

Last, but not least, and a new real-world stage has been announced, the Himeji Castle, which is one of the most famous Japanese landmarks. The Himeji Castle will now become an arena for these JUMP FORCE characters to fight within when the game launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in February 2019.

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