FPS games are today trendy among gamers, action-packed, and will get your adrenaline flowing. While many games have low entry barriers, they are very competitive. You will need extra work to attain excellence as the sessions become more complex with time. 

If you want to improve your FPS games performance, see the tips below.

Learn About the Game

There is no end to learning, which also applies to FPS games. Start by exploring and learning everything about the game. While experience is crucial, it will never replace the necessity for knowledge. 

Take genuine interest and seek to understand all you can about the game. Knowing the game well will help you make good decisions like choosing weapons, which is vital when playing. Your knowledge of the game will encourage your teammates and help them improve. Learning more about the game will make you a great leader. 

Watch Pros Play

One of the best ways to improve your performance is by watching how the pros do it. As you analyze the champions’ moves, you will learn their approach. Also, follow relevant tournaments and realize that you are getting better at the game after a while. 

Watching games also help the player in decision making and increases your game knowledge. There are many sources online. A simple search like check FPS champion will lead you to resources that will equip you with the skills you need. 


FPS games are fast-paced thrillers and require maximum attention. Regardless of how skilled you are, if you are distracted and stressed, your winning chances are significantly reduced. To improve your performance, always play when you can concentrate. 

Concentration when playing FPS is essential as it boosts consistency and aim. Schedule your games for the time you are at your peak performance. Look at the game as a life and death matter. Paying attention to the game details will help you learn your opponent team’s strategies, giving you ideas on tackling them. Relax and maintain composure throughout. 

Low Graphics Settings

With the invention of sophisticated and superior versions of all IT devices, gamers may want the highest graphic performance. Don’t we all want to see our games at the maximum fidelity version? Unfortunately, this does not work for FPS gamers. Lower your graphics settings if you wish to improve on FPS games. Opt for less demanding settings as they run the games better, hence helping you earn more frames. This graphic setting gives you an advantage as you will experience a smoother aiming. 

For example, if you drop the graphics performance of your 144 Hz monitors, you will enjoy a significant boost in FPS. As a result, you will improve accuracy due to quick feedback on your shots. At tournaments, professionals use the lowest graphics settings to maximize their performance.

Low graphic card settings also give you a better view of your opponents on the map. Sometimes, enemy character models get lost in complex textures with high graphic options. 

Players who go for low graphic options play clutter-free, improving their target spot significantly. This is a significant advantage over the gamers in higher settings. 

Practice and go for Tournaments and Matchmaking Platforms

With all the knowledge and preparations, the best way to improve any skill or in a game is consistent practice. Do drills every day to load up an external program. Set aside specific time for regular exercise. 

Pick an aim training method to warm up before you embark on the main play. The long-term effects are improvement in coordination and muscle memory.

Participate in tournaments regularly and play with the best teams while at it. Competitive matchmaking and FPS tournament platforms have many professional players. You will learn many things and get better at the competitive game. 


You will feature among the most mature players if you follow the tips above. Consistent practice will see you on the pro’s side.