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Dutch indie developer SassyBot Studios have announced that their upcoming first person drama will now also release on Xbox One as well as PC.

Coming to Xbox One via the [email protected] program, Fragments of Him follows the aftermath of the death of Will, as the lives of those close to him are torn apart. Set as a first person experience, you’ll discover memories of Will, his boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, and grandmother, as reliving the final moments of his life brings you a videogame that brings emotion and turmoil in huge swathes.

“We wanted to approach death as a topic in a way that is very uncommon for video games but very present in the lives of many. What happens when you lose someone you loved suddenly, how do you manage to carry on? We think videogames are an ideal medium to take players on such an emotional, human, and comforting journey” said Elwin Verploegen, co-founder of SassyBot. “After the overwhelming feedback we got on our first prototype of Fragments of Him, which was an entry in a 2013 Ludum Dare game jam, we knew we had to fully realise our initial vision of Fragments of Him.”

You can check out the first look in the trailer below.

Fragments of Him will release on Xbox One and PC in 2016.

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  1. Ex-Boyfriend, and Ex-Girlfriend? How does that work? I am completely lost now. Also.. Doesn’t seem like a game I am too interested in I suppose.. Seems more like a.. Interactive Story Telling Game.. Which I am not too fond of in the first place.


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