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It’s been upwards of three years since we saw StickType arrive on Xbox, but that doesn’t mean it’s been long forgotten. Today we find that multiple new pieces of content have arrived for the game – both of the free and paid variety – alongside new Xbox achievements and Gamerscore.

StickType rocked up onto Xbox One back in 2018, promising to provide players with a stern old test of their gaming skills. That difficulty was something we picked up on in our review of StickType too, yet we thoroughly enjoyed the challenging yet fair gameplay that was found within. Now though, it’s time for the developer to ramp things up a bit more. 

Present, correct and available to add into your StickType base game right now are three new DLC packs that offer up much.

They come in both paid and free varieties with the free bit – the StickType Color DLC – adding in different versions of your little StickType character, in hope that it’ll make the game all the more accessible. 

From there though, it’s all about the cash – albeit some seriously low asking price cash. 

We’ve got the StickLady DLC which introduces a character that is three times harder and four times as tough as your regular StickType person, with new skills and abilities thrown in to match. This means that for a measly £0.79 you’ll have access to seven new playable variants as well as more Gamerscore and achievements

After that is the StickType Challenge DLC; a pack which ramps things up massively. Or at least it takes things back up to the level that original players would have found, before being lowered to ensure more players could actually get on with it. 
Again we’re looking at a £0.79 asking price so really there’s little reason to not get involved., especially when it also adds a cheevo and Gamerscore. As a base game costing just £4.19, this StickType journey is rarely going to break the bank. 

You’ll find the StickType base game on the Xbox Store, sitting nicely with the new DLC packs. Hit the links above and you’ll be whisked straight to the page of your desires. 

Let us know if you’ll be heading back in to StickType after three years away. The comments are below. 

Color Variant DLC Description:

The StickType Colors DLC gives you accessible to different colored versions of your main StickType character, for a total of 8 additional playable characters. *If you have the StickLady DLC, you’ll also get different colored versions of the StickLady character. This adds another 8 playable characters.

StickLady DLC Description:

Having a hard time getting through StickType? StickLady is here to help out! The StickLady character hits three times as hard and is four times as tough as the regular StickType character. Also included: several other StickLady variants with additional skills to help you on your quest (some with timer, some bulletproof, some that show secret locations, etc.), for a total of 7 new playable variants.

Challenge DLC Description:

Is StickType too easy for you? The StickType Challenge DLC is now available just for you. Includes the OriginalType variant character, which sets the gameplay and difficulty to exactly what it was on the very first version of StickType, before the difficulty level was lowered because it was deemed “too tough” for us normal gamers. Also included are other, more difficult variants that will increase the game level difficulty in different ways (like no save points, one-hit game overs, etc.), for a total of 9 playable variants.

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