There have already been five DLC packs containing extra bikes for anyone playing Ride 2 to pick up for free… so what’s one more pack to broaden your collection?

If you’re still travelling around the world of Ride 2, speeding on some of the greatest circuits and slaloming through the streets, then the additional bikes that the Free Bikes Pack 6 brings will only enhance your experience. There are to bikes included: the sporty streetfighter with great agility and movement the Honda CB650F, which is surely ideal for winding roads, and the RSV 1000 Tuono, which is a highly sought after high-performance naked bike with extreme agility.

Seeing as it’s free DLC for Ride 2, there are absolutely no reasons why you shouldn’t immediately grab the Bike Pack 6 from the Xbox Games Store. If you’re not familiar with Ride 2 and don’t even own it, then have a read of our review… we might just convince you to purchase it!

DLC Description:

“Download the Free Bikes Pack 6 DLC and add two models to your garage! Unlike naked bikes with medium range sizes, Honda decided to stay faithful to the 650 cc engine. What the CB650F loses in terms of power it gains in agility and ease of movement. Streetfighter aspect and power output of 87 hp at 11,000 rpm, with maximum torque of 63 Nm at 8000 rpm. The most torturous winding roads are the CB 650F’s natural habitat! Known amongst fans as “”Tuono””, the RSV 1000 Tuono made its debut in 2002. With more of a street aspect to it than the supersport RSV Mille, this naked aimed to maintain a closeness between the two models. Thanks to the combination of the Mille’s main components and its extreme agility, the Tuono has earned a prominent place amongst high-performance nakeds. What are you waiting for? Download the free DLC and broaden your collection!”


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