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Loving what SNK Corporation have delivered in The King of Fighters XV? You’re going to be extremely interested in the addition of a new character and game mode – especially since both hit the game for free today.

Should you have a copy of The King of Fighters XV to hand on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, then today is your lucky day as SNK push out a free update that introduces Omega Rugal and a tasty new Boss Challenge mode to the game.

It follows on from the release of the base game itself, plus TEAM GAROU in recent weeks, as the roster within continues to expand.

The manifestation of SNK Boss Syndrome himself, OMEGA RUGAL was an overwhelmingly strong boss character in THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’95, but now makes his way into KOF XV to lay a bit of a smackdown to all. This dark arms merchant of death once ruled the world’s black market, and was never shy about digging his fangs into any fighter that dared challenge him. Through the power of Orochi, he was given life once again, until a group of fierce fighters brought his reign to an end. Now, due to Verse’s influence, he’s returned to the mortal realm to extract vengeance.

Further to the introduction of OMEGA RUGAL is the new game mode, Boss Challenge. This pretty much does what it says on the tin as you look to take down the fearsome OMEGA RUGAL CPU and gain access to fun content like his special Armor costume, a new stage, and new music. The question is, do you have what it takes to defeat Omega Rugal?

With further DLC promised in the form of three more teams in the coming weeks, there’s seemingly nothing stopping SNK from ensuring that The King of Fighters XV is indeed the king of fighters.

Should you not have yet picked up a copy of the game, we’d highly advise you do so. It’s available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. The usual digital stores will sort you out – with the Xbox Store being our favourite of all options.

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