overcooked moon harvest update

By now you’re probably fed up of hearing how good Overcooked! is as a party experience. But in case you aren’t, let us fill you in – Overcooked! and Overcooked! 2 are among the very best party experiences available on console and PC. And even though Team17 and Ghost Town Games are hard at work ensuring that the All You Can Eat Edition is ready for Xbox Series X launch, it doesn’t mean they’ve given up with Overcooked! 2. As the latest free update proves.

Available from today come new levels, variants of a sweet Chinese delicacy, and a new environmental hazard, all served up via the latest free update to hit Overcooked! 2; an update which celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated across China and East Asia and players of Overcooked! 2 will be able to get involved as Kevin the Dog and The Onion King welcome in the autumn/fall season with three varieties of mooncakes – the traditional dessert for the celebrations.

It isn’t just these which are being added to the menu though, as the update also pushes out five new levels in which players can attempt to cook up culinary chaos. Just be aware of the introduction of hazardous lily pads as they can barely hold a chef’s weight.

If you’ve got a copy of Overcooked! 2 to hand, or are looking to get involved with the next-gen All You Can Eat edition further down the line, then the latest update for the game is one that is going to be awfully appealing. Just fire up your console, grab the update and all manner of chaos can begin to unfold. Again.

And if you are looking for even more Overcooked! 2 content, it may well be worth your time to consider a purchase of the Season Pass. You can grab it from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, or the usual offerings for those on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Now, tuck into the new trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

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