Kitaria Fables Pirate Hat

Cats can be tricky customers and impossible to read at times. Which is why dressing them up can be perilous. I’ll reckon though that you’ve always wondered what a cat would look like in a pirate hat? Well today is your lucky day as there is new DLC for Kitaria Fables that let’s you find out. And best of all, it is absolutely 100% free to download! Providing you have the base game to actually use it that is.

In our initial review of Kitaria Fables, reviewer Cade Davie complimented the use of customisation options to bring your playable cat, Nyanza, to life. Many options are already available on the Xbox Store already, but few can boast not costing a penny.

There may be a fair bit of grinding to Kitaria Fables if you want the best loot for your anthropomorphic kitty cat, but there is some downtime to be had also in the form of farming. It isn’t quite a full simulation like Farming Simulator or even Harvest Moon but there is something oddly satisfying about cultivating crops as a cat.

Now imagine that cat farming whilst wearing a pirate hat. What is not to love?!

I mean, just look at him there in that picture, his little ears poking through his hat. It is impossible to not want this after seeing that picture. Did we mention that it was free?

For the low, low price of nothing you can download the Pirate Hat for Kitaria Fables from the Xbox Store. The only downside to this is that it won’t work in any other games so don’t be expecting to see Master Chief rock up with one on top of his helmet in Halo Infinite, or Yagami wearing it whilst tailing a suspect in Lost Judgment. The latter though wouldn’t be the strangest thing to be seen in that series.

Which other game needs a free Pirate Hat DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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