Once upon a time it was simply a popular mini-game in the taverns of The Witcher 3, but now GWENT is the sole focus of a fully fledged title after spending an age in Game Preview status. That’s right, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game has officially arrived on Xbox One and it won’t cost you a penny to play.

The aim in GWENT is to battle it out over the best of three rounds, taking turns in fast-paced duels using a variety of cards including those that unleash units with special abilities, sling spells at the opposition and deceive them with trickery. To obtain victory you’ll almost definitely have to learn the art of bluffing, master deck construction and make important decisions off the cuff. The more you play, the more rewards point you’ll earn to spend on factions and, subsequently, the more resources and cards you’ll unlock to ensure your army is up to the task.

In tandem with its full release, CD Projekt RED have brought in some new features to enhance the overall experience. You can expect to find that wherever cards are played on the battlefield, their positioning has a far greater impact on the conflict. There are also changes to the gameplay that ensure a fairer approach to those going first, new Orders ability cards and the Artifact cards which are rather difficult to remove.

So if you fancy trying your hand at GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, journey on over to the Microsoft Store to download it for free and start building your army on Xbox One right away.

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Let the deception begin!

Game Description:

GWENT IS FREE TO PLAY NOW! From the home of The Witcher, developer CD PROJEKT RED, comes a different type of collectible card game. Based on skill rather than luck, GWENT gives you command of highly customizable armies, and encourages use of strategy and deception to defeat opponents. Sling powerful unit & spell cards, and summon heroes with game-changing abilities — on GWENT’s battlefields, clever tricks used to deceive other players are always a viable tactic. Played in a best of three format, GWENT is fast, fun and fresh — and now you can play it with friends.


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