Each and every month Xbox gamers get access to not just one, not two, not even three, but four free Xbox titles with the Xbox Games With Gold scheme. This month however things are a little different, as five free goodies are coming the way of Xbox Live Gold subscribers thanks to Xbox Games With Gold for June 2017. But whilst the quantity is no doubt large, can the same be said of the quality of free gifts being sent our way during the next four weeks?

Well, you know what. It’s a damn great month to be an Xbox gamer.

Kicking things off and Xbox One owners will have access to a brand new title – Speedrunners. Now obviously it’s fairly difficult to say whether Speedrunners will be a hit or a miss before it has actually arrived on the console, but if we take a look at not just the success of the game on Steam (10,000+ downloads and a hugely positive thumbs up), but also that of tinyBuild themselves (No Time To Explain was a great little game), then chances are we’re going to be shouting from the rooftops about this one. In fact, if it’s fast paced competitive multiplayer that you are after – either local or online – then Speedrunners must surely be checked out.

That in itself would be a good start to June’s Xbox Games With Gold titles, but the fact we are being gifted a triple-A blockbuster to go alongside it just makes things even more appealing. Yes, Assassin’s Creed III may not be the best AC title ever created, but it’s far from being the worst and if you haven’t yet hit the Americas, got down and dirty with a new Assassin and have missed the glorious visuals of ACIII in action, then you’re going to be in for a treat. Backwards Compatible titles may not be for everyone, but if you’re given the option to download a Ubisoft title for nothing, then you really shouldn’t ignore it.

Come the middle of the month and as always we see the freebies switch up a bit. But this time round there is no let up in the quality of the titles on offer. If anything, the bar is just being raised some more.

You see that’s because come the middle of June, Xbox One owners get full, unrestricted access to the entirety of Watch Dogs. Yes, another title that is right up there with the best of them.

You may sit there and complain about Watch Dogs. After all, it never really lived up to the initial build-up hype, and certainly held back on some of the most anticipated features. But should you be able to look past what was promised and take it for what was eventually delivered (in other words, don’t listen to the god damn hype and just take the game for what it is), and you will find a stunningly stupendous offering. It comes with a solid story, some great visuals and enough content to have you playing throughout the entire summer. It’ll also get you in the mood for Watch Dogs 2, so should you have not played that, and need a little kick, then a free download of Watch Dogs should be for you.

Additionally, Dragon Age Origins is coming to town as the second free Xbox 360 title for June. Again, Backwards Compatibility will ensure that Xbox One owners can also get in on Bioware’s dark fantasy epic and even though the game is beginning to seriously head into its advanced years, this is one eight year old title that can still just about hold its own. If you were disappointed with Mass Effect Andromeda and want to remember Bioware for the good stuff, then here is your chance. Just make sure you can find the time spare between playing this, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed III, because all three will eat up some serious hours.

With a new game, plus three stunning blockbusters included, it isn’t even up for debate that the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for June 2017 is delivering the goods. But Microsoft aren’t done there and additionally all Xbox Live Gold members will have the month of June to get a free download of the multiplayer side of Phantom Dust sorted. A re-release of the original Xbox title from many years ago, if you’re hankering for a bit of revamped Phantom Dust action, or are just getting involved because your mates are looking for something to fill a gaming session, then the upgraded third person arena combat experience will definitely fill the gap. But you will of course be needing that multiplayer content, so it’s always nice to be able to get that for free.

So, are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for June 2017 any good? By golly yes! It’s one of the best months for some time in fact.


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