After some fantastic offers found in the recent Xbox Live Deals With Gold sales, we’ve also now been treated to the announcement of the games we can expect to find offered for free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers this November. With some decent Xbox One and Xbox 360 games given away during the month of October, do November 2017’s titles maintain the same level of quality or are they likely to disappoint? We take a look at all four of this month’s offerings and let you know whether you should be downloading and playing them, or just saving your bandwidth!

Trackmania Turbo – Xbox One – 1st-30th NovAn Instant Download

So Trackmania Turbo is the Xbox One title that will kick off November’s free Games With Gold giveaways, and it’s fair to say that it’s without a doubt one of the most unique racers to grace the Xbox One in recent years. Albeit a little hard.

With fast paced time-trial racing action that requires lightning reactions in order to shave every last valuable millisecond off your lap time, there really is no other racer that brings the thrill and challenge of Trackmania Turbo. Hundreds of winding tracks with sharp and unpredictable turns, an expansive track creator and addictive multiplayer with 100 player lobbies, sees this as a fine way to kickstart one of the busiest months of the gaming calendar.

As a game we have been found recommending several times during various Deals with Gold sale appearances, Trackmania Turbo is one that is set to impress the masses and is a fantastic addition to have in your collection. Good is by far an understatement.

Tales from the Borderlands – Xbox One – 16th Nov-15th DecAn Instant Download

It may have been The Walking Dead series that brought Telltale’s great episodic adventures first to light, but it’s not the only engaging series to have been created by the guys over at Telltale Games.

Fans of Borderlands were quick to find that out after the release of the fantastic Tales from the Borderlands back in 2014. With five episodes in total, this point and click adventure comedy is one you will want to experience – if only for the fantastic humour, engaging storyline and some rather loveable characters. For many Tales from the Borderlands is more than just another episodic game – it’s a while new way of enjoying the wonderful Borderlands universe. And what a wonderful universe it is.

Whilst we’re unlikely to be seeing a second season for the hit series arriving any time soon, the second free arrival for Xbox One gamers is yet another we should be keen to add to our libraries. It is well worth jumping into if you want a great storytelling adventure.

NiGHTS into Dreams – Xbox 360 – 1st-15th NovA Tempter

NiGHTS into dreams is an interesting game that sends players off into a dream world full of colourful aerial adventures known as NiGHTS. For its time, NiGHTS into Dreams was a bit of an unique experience, that may well have been missed out on by many.

A fantastic soundtrack accompanies the rather satisfying but simple gameplay, and that ensures NiGHTS into Dreams is a rather enjoyable game to play. It may not be one of the most popular games from the Xbox 360’s library, but it is worth a play if you’ve yet to give it a go.

That said, with so many games to choose from, and a whole list of fan favourites vying for a place at the Games With Gold table, it’s unlikely to be one that many will be too happy to see given away. Should you jump in with an open mind though, you will find a decent game and yet another solid offering.

Deadfall Adventures – Xbox 360 – 16th-30th NovOne To Ignore

You’d be forgiven if you thought Deadfall Adventures was a rather recent release, what with the new-found surge in World War II era games once more. But it’s not, and with so many titles to compare it to, it’s fair to say Deadfall Adventures isn’t a great World War II shooter either.  

The story takes place in 1938 with players assuming the role of the famous Allan Quartermain’s great-grandson, James Lee Quatermain, in a search for “The Heart of Atlantis”. Nazi soldiers and supernatural enemies will be on your tail throughout, and this is really a game that has all the potential to be something special. However, predictable gameplay sequences, and the same repetitive formula sees effortless puzzles and simple enemies throughout, and that means Deadfall Adventures doesn’t live up to its early ambition and is a game we could have probably all done without.

Nevertheless we probably shouldn’t turn away the chance of free games, but you can leave this one at the back of the queue, rather than racing to play it at the earliest opportunity.

So, there we have It, some thoughts on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games that will arrive free with the Xbox Games With Gold scheme in November 2017. Overall it looks to be a fairly decent month and one that we should be happy with given the options – especially on the Xbox One side of things. Do you agree with our thoughts? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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