fortnite polar legends dlc

Need to get one up on your Fortnite foes? Freeze em with the Fortnite Polar Legends Pack!

Available to purchase and add into Fortnite right now, the Polar Legends DLC pack is the latest addition to the ever-increasing range of content drops becoming available for the Battle Royale juggernaut, as it attempts to ensure that gamers never tire of what madness it brings.

Priced up at £19.99, the Fortnite – Polar Legends Pack will see you kitted out with the most icy of options, with new outfits and back blings front and centre of the drop. This means should you wish to run around geared up like a Frozen Fishstick, then you can, whilst the Codename ELF outfit provides an extra smattering of style in the process. Further to that and we have the Devourer outfit too – with additional style and a built-in emote.

There’s also some Bling included in the Fortnite – Polar Legends Pack too and these come in the form of the ELF Shield and Castle Peaks Back Bling.

With the Battle Royale side of Fortnite continuing to go from strength to strength throughout Season 2 of the game, and it never looking like slowing down yet, then heading to your favoured digital store – the Xbox Store perhaps – and grabbing this latest content pack will no doubt be high on the agenda of many. Especially those with a little Christmas cash to spare.

Let us know if you decide to get all frosty with the Fortnite – Polar Legends Pack. The comments section is down below.

DLC Description:

Put the competition on ice with the Polar legends pack. Includes the following cosmetics: – Frozen Nog Ops Outfit – Frozen Fishstick Outfit – Codename E.L.F. Outfit (includes additional style) – E.L.F. Shield Back Bling (includes additional style) – The Devourer Outfit (includes additional style and built-in emote) – Castle Peaks Back Bling Note: Not all items may be available in Save the World mode.


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