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Have you ever watched those videos where people think it’s cool to climb a crane or tall building and then just dangle off it? They give me sweat palms just thinking about it. Do you know what else just gave me sweaty palms? The trailer for Calturin. Find out why today as Calturin releases for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

In Calturin, you start off dead. As far as game beginnings go, it isn’t the best. After being resurrected by another wizard, you are now his to control and do his bidding. You see, this other wizard knows what challenges lie ahead and quite frankly, cannot be bothered. He sends you instead to the Gauntlet of Portals to face the bosses that lie ahead.

Calturin is a bullet hell boss rush in a similar vein to Godstrike and Flowing Lights. And when we say bullet hell, we really mean it. Hundreds of projectiles on screen at any one time will give anyone sweaty palms.

Across eight boss battles, can you survive the challenges ahead and earn your freedom? Through levelling up and improving your skills, you might just be able to manage. If you want a bigger challenge though, there are red and black portals for an even bigger challenge and bragging rights.

Calturin may feature retro graphics – and rather good ones can we add – but it is fully voice acted.

If you are looking for a challenge, Calturin is available to download now priced at £4.99 on the Xbox Store. There is an early adopter discount available for those who are quick, dropping the price down to £4.24. We will have a review coming soon so you can find out if the low price is worth it.

Game description

Calturin is a Bullet Hell Boss Rush game where you are resurrected by a necromancer who now holds you in his power. Promised your freedom if you do his bidding, you must traverse the Gauntlet of Portals to unknown lands and face deadly beings.

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