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Mmm… donuts.

Ever wanted to work in a donut factory? With the arrival of Freshly Frosted on Xbox, those dreams could come true. It’s just that you’ll have to work your way through a dozen dozen adorable donut puzzles as you go. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch and PC, Freshly Frosted is the latest puzzler to come out of the Quantum Astrophysicists Guild – they previously behind the likes of The Bridge and Tumblestone

This one drops you straight into the middle of a donut factory, as you are left to work your way through no less than twelve dozen of the sweetest puzzles – that’s 144 of the lovely things – utilising a variety of different donut shapes in order to fill the tasty treats on offer. 

You do this by making the most of a conveyor belt system, manovering your donuts through a variety of machines which add the frostings, the sprinkles, the cherrys and more. With multiple worlds adding in new machines, and the likes of cloners, pushers, splitters and the like increasing the madness, Freshly Frosted promises to be a puzzlers dream – particularly if they’ve a sweet tooth. 

The key features in all include:

  • 144 unique puzzles across 12 different seasonally themed worlds (that’s a dozen dozen!)
  • Friendly and soothing voice over narrative guides players through each level
  • Sound effects are satisfyingly on beat and keep players dancing along to the music
  • Each world introduces new mechanics, such as splitters, cloners, gates, and pushers to ensure gameplay never gets stale
  • Full accessibility options including hints for every level, adjustable text size and input cooldown, and more

We’ve been taken in by previous Quantum Astrophysicists Guild games in the past, so are very much up for hitting up the donuts and checking out what is on offer here. We’ll be sure to deliver you are full review of Freshly Frosted on Xbox as soon as we can. 

In the meantime, the Xbox Store will sort out the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S download you need for £8.39 – that’s some serious content to cash right there. Expect to find this one on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam too. 

Game Description:

Puzzling Perfection A dozen dozen dazzling donut dilemmas await you, that’s 144 puzzles to please your particular puzzley passions. To excite and delight there are mechanics galore; from splitters to pushers, mergers and cloners, randomizers, teleporters, and more! Delicious Donuts What’s your favorite donut? Sweet and sprinkled… a jolly jelly-filled… perhaps a marvelous maple bar? What about one shaped like a pumpkin, a snowflake, or a star! Discover many a whimsical shape as you explore a sweet skyscape of pastry possibilities. Refreshing Relaxation Journey through this sweet sensation accompanied by soothing narration. A calming voice over focused on positivity guides you through each puzzle with assuring affability. Sweet Satisfaction With pleasant pastels and mesmerizing machines the satisfying scenes will catch your eyes and hypnotize! Each of a dozen donut boxes brings its own fetching flavor; a taste of autumn, a sip of summer, a whisper of winter. Days in the sun. Nights under the moon. And each world with its own special tune. The lullabies of these pastel skies are all unique and each reaches its peak when you find your way and set your factory to play!

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