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Remember the draw of Crossy Road? Of course you do for it was only a few short years ago when the voxel mobile title went viral. Now though the same creator is teaming up with the publishers at No More Robots to deliver Tombstar to console and PC.

Due to arrive across the PC and console landscapes at some point near the beginning of 2021, Tombstar is the new Space Western shooter to emerge from the mind of one Andy Sum (Crossy Road) and fellow Australian game designer Marcus Grambau. With No More Robots taking over publishing rights – they recently behind Descenders, Yes, Your Grace) there is obviously much hype and excitement for the upcoming launch.

TombStar is a top-down Space Western shooter that draws strong inspiration from those glorious late ’80s morning cartoons. it will see you taking control of a team of gun-slinging renegades, as they go up against the dastardly Grimheart Gang. Featuring tough, bullet hell-styled gunplay and winding procedural exploration, Tombstar will see you delve deeper and deeper into the dangerous and mysterious TombStar system within. From there you’ll need to blast your way through hordes of assorted space scum, from pistol-wielding cowpokes to robots with death lasers, collecting valuable loot, powerful upgrades and an abundance of dynamic weapons along the way.

Playing out across four distinct planets, each with their own gruelling and bizarre alien landscapes, in Tombstar you’ll be given the tools to utilize the special powers of three talented renegades, to rid the star system of the Grimheart Gang forever, restoring justice to this utterly lawless world.

If you like what you’re hearing, then the closed Tombstar Steam beta can be signed up to right now, prior to seeing TombStar then launching on PC and console at the beginning of 2021. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be giving it a shot.

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